The Sentinel - Session 1 : Vow of Silence

Vow of Silence

Story Line: Blair forces Jim to take a vacation at a remote monastery. Initially reluctant, Ellison begins to enjoy the solitude until one of the monks is found dead.

First Air Date: July-07-1996 |   0.0

Photo Name Character
Brandon Maggart-Brother Marcus Brandon Maggart Brother Marcus
Lawrence Pressman-Brother Jeremy Lawrence Pressman Brother Jeremy
John Pleshette-Brother Christopher John Pleshette Brother Christopher
Trevor White-Brother Timothy Trevor White Brother Timothy
Michael Puttonen-Brother Joseph Michael Puttonen Brother Joseph
Frank C. Turner-Brother Frederick Frank C. Turner Brother Frederick
Robert Rozen-Brother Michael Robert Rozen Brother Michael
John R. Taylor-Brother Theodore John R. Taylor Brother Theodore
Alex Bruhanski-Grossman Alex Bruhanski Grossman
Gavin Buhr-Carl Gavin Buhr Carl
Photo Name Department
Bruce Kalish - Writing - Writer Bruce Kalish Writing (Writer)
Jeffrey Reiner - Directing - Director Jeffrey Reiner Directing (Director)

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