The Sentinel - Session 1 : The Killers

The Killers

Story Line: After witnessing the death of undercover officer Danny Choi at the hands of a sniper named Tommy Juno, Jim uses his enhanced vision to identify and apprehend the killer. But the case against Juno is thrown out of court when its decided that no human could possibly have seen as far as Ellison had claimed.

First Air Date: April-04-1996 |   0.0

Photo Name Character
Kelly Curtis-Carolyn Plummer Kelly Curtis Carolyn Plummer
Constance Marie-Beverley Sanchez Constance Marie Beverley Sanchez
Ken Pogue-Mickey O'Toole Ken Pogue Mickey O'Toole
Kevin McNulty-Juno's Lawyer Kevin McNulty Juno's Lawyer
James Parks-Tommy Juno James Parks Tommy Juno
Mig Macario-Danny Choi Mig Macario Danny Choi
Eric Keenleyside-Ray Kaminski Eric Keenleyside Ray Kaminski
Susan Astley-Judge Perlman Susan Astley Judge Perlman
Hiromoto Ida-Sushi Clerk Hiromoto Ida Sushi Clerk
Peter Hanlon-ICU Doctor Peter Hanlon ICU Doctor
Photo Name Department
Gail Morgan Hickman - Writing - Writer Gail Morgan Hickman Writing (Writer)
Bruce Bilson - Directing - Director Bruce Bilson Directing (Director)

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