The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Session 1 : House Guest

House Guest

Story Line: John and Sally Mitchell offer a stranger named Ray Roscoe a place to stay after Roscoe saves the life of their son Tony. When Roscoe turns out to be a womanizing freeloader, they begin to believe that they made a terrible mistake. One night Roscoe wrecks their car and hits on a camper's wife. Angry, John punches him and knocks him to the ground. John is shocked, however, when the camper examines Roscoe's body and declares that Roscoe is dead. The camper suggests that they bury the body in the woods and forget the whole thing. John agrees and lets the camper deal with the body. Later, John is disturbed to discover that the woods are going to be excavated as a part of a new highway construction. Since he doesn't know exactly where the body is, he calls the camper and tells him that they must move the corpse. The camper agrees, but demands $20,000. He tells John that he will go to the police if he does not pay the money.

First Air Date: November-11-1962 |   0.0

Photo Name Character
Macdonald Carey-John Mitchell Macdonald Carey John Mitchell
Robert Sterling-Ray Roscoe Robert Sterling Ray Roscoe
Peggy McCay-Sally Mitchell Peggy McCay Sally Mitchell
Adele Mara-Eve Sherston Adele Mara Eve Sherston
Karl Swenson-George Sherston Karl Swenson George Sherston
Robert Armstrong-Charles Faulkner Robert Armstrong Charles Faulkner
Bill Mumy-Tony Mitchell Bill Mumy Tony Mitchell
Linda Rand-Kira Linda Rand Kira
Photo Name Department
Alan Crosland, Jr. - Directing - Director Alan Crosland, Jr. Directing (Director)
Paul Winterton - Writing - Novel Paul Winterton Writing (Novel)
Henry Slesar - Writing - Writer Henry Slesar Writing (Writer)
Marc Brandel - Writing - Writer Marc Brandel Writing (Writer)

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