Night Gallery - Session 0 : The Cemetary / Eyes / Escape Route

The Cemetary / Eyes / Escape Route

Story Line: Pilot episode containing the first three stories. After murdering his uncle, a man is haunted by a family painting which keeps changing. A blind woman undergoes an operation that gives her 12 hours of eyesight. A fugitive Nazi faces the consequences of his past actions.

First Air Date: November-11-1969 |   7.0

Photo Name Character
Ossie Davis-Osmund Portifoy Ossie Davis Osmund Portifoy
Richard Kiley-SS-Gruppenführer Helmut Arndt / Josef Strobe Richard Kiley SS-Gruppenführer Helmut Arndt / Josef Strobe
Roddy McDowall-Jeremy Evans Roddy McDowall Jeremy Evans
Barry Sullivan-Dr. Frank Heatherton Barry Sullivan Dr. Frank Heatherton
Joan Crawford-Miss Claudia Menlo Joan Crawford Miss Claudia Menlo
Tom Bosley-Sidney Resnick Tom Bosley Sidney Resnick
George Macready-William Hendricks George Macready William Hendricks
Photo Name Department
Rod Serling - Writing - Writer Rod Serling Writing (Writer)
Steven Spielberg - Directing - Director Steven Spielberg Directing (Director)
Boris Sagal - Directing - Director Boris Sagal Directing (Director)
Barry Shear - Directing - Director Barry Shear Directing (Director)

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