Murder, She Wrote - Session 7 : The Return of Preston Giles

The Return of Preston Giles

Story Line: This time it is the company controller that seems to have been the victim of the previously convicted publisher.

First Air Date: November-11-1990 |   0.0

Photo Name Character
Brynn Thayer-Linette McKay Brynn Thayer Linette McKay
Lois Chiles-Millie Bingham Stafford Lois Chiles Millie Bingham Stafford
Michael McKean-Ross McKay Michael McKean Ross McKay
Todd Susman-Det. Sgt. Jack Slocum Todd Susman Det. Sgt. Jack Slocum
Gordon Thomson-Kendall Stafford Gordon Thomson Kendall Stafford
George Coe-Martin Bergman George Coe Martin Bergman
Arlene Golonka-Gloria Winslow Arlene Golonka Gloria Winslow
Regina Leeds-Dorothy Regina Leeds Dorothy
Kriss Turner-Secretary Kriss Turner Secretary
Michael Fairman-Cabby (as Michael Eugene Fairman) Michael Fairman Cabby (as Michael Eugene Fairman)
Steven Connor-Assistant Manager Steven Connor Assistant Manager
Arthur Hill-Preston Giles Arthur Hill Preston Giles
Photo Name Department
Tom Sawyer - Writing - Writer Tom Sawyer Writing (Writer)
Walter Grauman - Directing - Director Walter Grauman Directing (Director)

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