Popeye is a super-strong, spinach-scarfing sailor man who's searching for his father. During a storm that wrecks his ship, Popeye washes ashore and winds up rooming at the Oyl household, where he meets Olive. Before he can win her heart, he must first contend with Olive's fiancé, Bluto.

Directed by: Robert Altman
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family,
Production Company: Walt Disney Productions, Paramount,

Popeye - The sailor man with the spinach can! - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 12-12-1980
  • Runtime: 114 Minutes
  • Popularity: 12.33
  • Vote Count: 450
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4
  • Budget: USD 20,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 49,823,037
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Robin Williams - Azwaad Movie Database Robin Williams Popeye
Shelley Duvall - Azwaad Movie Database Shelley Duvall Olive Oyl
Ray Walston - Azwaad Movie Database Ray Walston Poopdeck Pappy
Paul Dooley - Azwaad Movie Database Paul Dooley Wimpy
Paul L. Smith - Azwaad Movie Database Paul L. Smith Bluto
Richard Libertini - Azwaad Movie Database Richard Libertini Geezil
Donald Moffat - Azwaad Movie Database Donald Moffat The Taxman
MacIntyre Dixon - Azwaad Movie Database MacIntyre Dixon Cole Oyl
Roberta Maxwell - Azwaad Movie Database Roberta Maxwell Nana Oyl
Donovan Scott - Azwaad Movie Database Donovan Scott Castor Oyl
Photo Name Department
C.O. Erickson-Production C.O. Erickson Production (Executive Producer)
Robert Altman-Directing Robert Altman Directing (Director)
John W. Holmes-Editing John W. Holmes Editing (Editor)
Robert Evans-Production Robert Evans Production (Producer)
Giuseppe Rotunno-Camera Giuseppe Rotunno Camera (Director of Photography)
David A. Simmons-Editing David A. Simmons Editing (Editor)
Jules Feiffer-Writing Jules Feiffer Writing (Screenplay)
Harry Nilsson-Sound Harry Nilsson Sound (Original Music Composer)
Reg Bream-Art Reg Bream Art (Assistant Art Director)

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An under-rated classic. Yep. This is a hot mess. 3 songs dont work... at all. Its slow, as 1980 films were. And the plot is paper thin. But it is glorious. This movie feels like a cartoon! The casting is perfect. Williams did his own stunts in his debut, Duval is a whine-y beauty and hell; you couldnt find a cuter baby for the role of Sweat Pea. The set design is incredible - it took 7 months to build. The jokes are memorable - both spoken and visual (and there is so much happening that you only see them on repeat viewings). And the songs (except for those 3 travesties) are catchy. Finally, this has the best use of an Octopus aside from Lord of the Rings. This was the perfect way to forget about Hamilton from this weekend trilogy. Watch this - it is cheesy messy fun.

id : 5f030ae7dd258900399e198c

Very poor. Safe to say, I didn't enjoy 'Popeye' one bit - despite the presence of one Robin Williams. He is pretty alright in the role of Popeye, but I personally didn't like the uneven/whacky nature of the film. I see - and appreciate - what they were going for, it just doesn't come off in my opinion. It's all very pedestrian. The characters around Popeye are annoying, as are the very forgettable musical numbers which don't fit in. I had high hopes for this, given I had heard good things of the titular character (not necessarily from this, just overall) as well as the fact of Mr. Williams appears. For me, in terms of his films that I've currently seen, this is closer to 'Hook' than (the awesome) 'Bicentennial Man'. I'm sure many out there would disagree on that latter point, as well as my view of this film itself. That's fine, each to their own of course. I, though, couldn't wait for it to finish.

id : 5f5d492b63d9370036ba119d

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