The Deer Hunter

A group of working-class friends decide to enlist in the Army during the Vietnam War and finds it to be hellish chaos -- not the noble venture they imagined. Before they left, Steven married his pregnant girlfriend -- and Michael and Nick were in love with the same woman. But all three are different men upon their return.

Directed by: Michael Cimino June Samson
Genres: Drama, War,
Production Company: Universal Pictures, EMI Films,

The Deer Hunter -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 09-03-1978
  • Runtime: 184 Minutes
  • Popularity: 17.12
  • Vote Count: 2,373
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0
  • Budget: USD 15,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 50,000,000
  • Region: United Kingdom ( GB ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Robert De Niro - Azwaad Movie Database Robert De Niro Michael Vronsky
Christopher Walken - Azwaad Movie Database Christopher Walken Nikanor "Nick" Chevotarevich
John Cazale - Azwaad Movie Database John Cazale Stan
John Savage - Azwaad Movie Database John Savage Steven Pushkov
Meryl Streep - Azwaad Movie Database Meryl Streep Linda
George Dzundza - Azwaad Movie Database George Dzundza John
Rutanya Alda - Azwaad Movie Database Rutanya Alda Angela
Pierre Segui - Azwaad Movie Database Pierre Segui Julien
Amy Wright - Azwaad Movie Database Amy Wright Bridesmaid
Richard Kuss - Azwaad Movie Database Richard Kuss Linda's Father
Photo Name Department
Michael Deeley-Production Michael Deeley Production (Producer)
James Fritch-Sound James Fritch Sound (Sound Editor)
Peter Zinner-Editing Peter Zinner Editing (Editor)
Richard Portman-Sound Richard Portman Sound (Sound Re-Recording Mixer)
Fred Schuler-Camera Fred Schuler Camera (Camera Operator)
Cis Corman-Production Cis Corman Production (Casting)
Deric Washburn-Writing Deric Washburn Writing (Screenplay)
Michael Cimino-Writing Michael Cimino Writing (Screenplay)
Michael Cimino-Directing Michael Cimino Directing (Director)
Michael Cimino-Production Michael Cimino Production (Producer)

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Andres Gomez

Slow pace movie which nicely depicts the life of worker class Russian inmigrants in USA and the impact that its young generation receives from Vietnam's war. The actual shock cause being the crazy game of the Russian roulette only helps from the artistic point of view of the film but it is well blended into the actual story.

id : 5437ac33c3a3686ede001c86

With director Cimino's recent death and his reputation in tatters since the debacle of 'Heaven's Gate', I decided to visit 'The Deer Hunter'. Though over three hours long, it's astonishing, paced so achingly right and I can see why he rightfully earned the 'carte blanche' that would unfortunately lead to his downfall (as well as an entire studio's) as soon as he made his next film. But to reach such heights and to have such ambition--as well as undeniable talent--is a victory in and of itself. Just armed with the main five actors alone, at the zenith of their craft, a fine script (really the first interesting and well-deliberated Vietnam film to hit the big screen) and Vilmos Zsigmond behind the camera meant that this would prove something special. Scenes that will haunt you forever. My favourite shot is the incredible 360-degree pan shot around Linda's bedroom when she realizes she's given up on Nick and is going to declare her love to Michael--extraordinary stuff. What's YOURS? Many film lovers who despise Cimino's work instantly clam up when 'The Deer Hunter' is mentioned...and there's a reason for that. It's deservedly considered one of the finest American films of the 70's--a decade that was chock-full of great ones.

id : 578d6ee5c3a3686ecc00424e

The Deer Hunter (1978) — Excellent character war drama that showcases some great performances, mainly De Niro and Walken. Directed by Michael Cimino, this 3-hour film takes its time developing these characters and shows the psychological side of the horrors of Vietnam, and war in general. Probably makes a good companion film with Apocalypse Now, released only seven months later (in the U.S.). **4.5/5**

id : 5edc20f71dcb77001e0230fa

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