White Chicks

Two FBI agent brothers, Marcus and Kevin Copeland, accidentally foil a drug bust. To avoid being fired they accept a mission escorting a pair of socialites to the Hamptons--but when the girls are disfigured in a car accident, they refuse to go. Left without options, Marcus and Kevin decide to pose as the sisters, transforming themselves from black men into rich white women.

Directed by: Keenen Ivory Wayans James Bitonti Christine Wilson Jim Brebner
Genres: Comedy, Crime,
Production Company: Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios, Wayans Bros. Entertainment, Gone North Productions,

White Chicks - They're going deep undercover. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 23-06-2004
  • Runtime: 109 Minutes
  • Popularity: 67.73
  • Vote Count: 3,214
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9
  • Budget: USD 37,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 113,086,475
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Shawn Wayans - Azwaad Movie Database Shawn Wayans Kevin Copeland
Marlon Wayans - Azwaad Movie Database Marlon Wayans Marcus Copeland
Jaime King - Azwaad Movie Database Jaime King Heather Vandergeld
Frankie Faison - Azwaad Movie Database Frankie Faison Elliott Gordon
Lochlyn Munro - Azwaad Movie Database Lochlyn Munro Agent Jake Harper
John Heard - Azwaad Movie Database John Heard Warren Vandergeld
Busy Philipps - Azwaad Movie Database Busy Philipps Karen
Terry Crews - Azwaad Movie Database Terry Crews Latrell Spencer
Brittany Daniel - Azwaad Movie Database Brittany Daniel Megan Vandergeld
Eddie Velez - Azwaad Movie Database Eddie Velez Agent Vincent Gomez
Photo Name Department
Lisa Beach-Production Lisa Beach Production (Casting)
Sarah Katzman-Production Sarah Katzman Production (Casting)
Jeff Gourson-Editing Jeff Gourson Editing (Editor)
Stuart H. Pappé-Editing Stuart H. Pappé Editing (Editor)
Ed French-Costume & Make-Up Ed French Costume & Make-Up (Special Effects Makeup Artist)
Greg Strause-Visual Effects Greg Strause Visual Effects (Visual Effects Supervisor)
Steven Bernstein-Camera Steven Bernstein Camera (Director of Photography)
Marlon Wayans-Writing Marlon Wayans Writing (Screenplay)
Marlon Wayans-Production Marlon Wayans Production (Producer)
Marlon Wayans-Writing Marlon Wayans Writing (Story)

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**The two shades of white!** I've heard this film a long ago, but I never interested to watch it. We can't avoid them, because when we look for a particular type of film for the occasion, they will pop-up and that is how I watched this now. I know it is a silly comedy, because in a real world this thing never happen. So knowing this is only for cinema, I prepared to enjoy whatever it offers. But I must say, even though my rating is not big, I kind of enjoyed it. Nobody watches this without knowing its synopsis. So you will already know the fifty per cent of the story when you do. The rest is how it is developed; including how good the jokes are that comes with our watch. So much cliché, but entertaining with some good scenes and lines. The actors were excellent. The make-ups were not flawless, but worked okay, especially for a comedy. Because if there is an error, it will going to appeals from the comedic side. So the overall film was better than what I presumed all these years. Glad I saw it, it's nothing like those silly comedies I've seen. I've seen many imposter themes, but this is refreshing. All the above, this is a one off film, that's the best thing about it. You know, sequels are what degrades the original film in most of the scenarios. Thanks for that, there's no follow-up for this with a B movie cast and crew. This is a very much watchable film, not comedy riot, but fairly does its job. _6/10_

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