The Wrestler

Aging wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson is long past his prime but still ready and rarin' to go on the pro-wrestling circuit. After a particularly brutal beating, however, Randy hangs up his tights, pursues a serious relationship with a long-in-the-tooth stripper, and tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter. But he can't resist the lure of the ring and readies himself for a comeback.

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky Brendan Walsh Anthony Pettine
Genres: Drama, Romance,
Production Company: Wild Bunch, Top Rope, Saturn Films, Protozoa Pictures,

The Wrestler - Love. Pain. Glory. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 07-09-2008
  • Runtime: 109 Minutes
  • Popularity: 13.75
  • Vote Count: 2,399
  • IMDB Rating: 7.5
  • Budget: USD 6,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 44,703,995
  • Region: United States of America ( US ), France ( FR ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Mickey Rourke - Azwaad Movie Database Mickey Rourke Randy "Ram" Robinson
Evan Rachel Wood - Azwaad Movie Database Evan Rachel Wood Stephanie
Marisa Tomei - Azwaad Movie Database Marisa Tomei Cassidy
Mark Margolis - Azwaad Movie Database Mark Margolis Lenny
Todd Barry - Azwaad Movie Database Todd Barry Wayne
Wass Stevens - Azwaad Movie Database Wass Stevens Nick Volpe
Judah Friedlander - Azwaad Movie Database Judah Friedlander Scott Brumberg
John D'Leo - Azwaad Movie Database John D'Leo Adam
Ernest Miller - Azwaad Movie Database Ernest Miller The Ayatollah
Dylan Keith Summers - Azwaad Movie Database Dylan Keith Summers Necro Butcher
Photo Name Department
Mary Vernieu-Production Mary Vernieu Production (Casting)
Dan Korintus-Sound Dan Korintus Sound (Dialogue Editor)
Clint Mansell-Sound Clint Mansell Sound (Original Music Composer)
Darren Aronofsky-Directing Darren Aronofsky Directing (Director)
Darren Aronofsky-Production Darren Aronofsky Production (Producer)
Vincent Maraval-Production Vincent Maraval Production (Executive Producer)
Brian Emrich-Sound Brian Emrich Sound (Sound Designer)
Tony Martinez-Sound Tony Martinez Sound (Supervising ADR Editor)
Tony Martinez-Sound Tony Martinez Sound (Supervising Dialogue Editor)
Ari Handel-Production Ari Handel Production (Associate Producer)

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“The Wrestler” (2008) Twenty years past his glory days in the mid/late 80s, a wrestler (Mickey Rourke) struggles to make ends meet in New Jersey while wrestling on the weekends, taking illegal pain-meds, pursuing a dancer at the local strip club (Marisa Tomei) and trying to reestablish a relationship with his estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). This is an engrossing, but gloomy drama about the grim reality of celebrities from practically any field who are long past their prime; it just happens to be a wrestler in this case. People mock how fake wrestling is, but those talented guys bend over backwards to entertain the audience with incredibly painful stunts. The film was shot in the winter in New Jersey and this augments the bleak pall. On the female front, Marisa is absolutely stunning as Cassidy (aka Pam) and Wood is convincing as the embittered daughter. Their relationships with the protagonist are a mixture of sweet, agonizing and moving. The soundtrack features several quality songs from the 80s: "Bang Your Head," "Round and Round," "Balls to the Wall," "Animal Magnetism," "Dangerous," "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)," "Sweet Child o' Mine" and more. The movie reminded me of 80’s metal star Jon Mikl Thor and the excellent documentary “I Am Thor” (2015) and, to a lesser extent, “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” (2008). While neither of these is as melancholic as “The Wrestler,” and “I Am Thor” is sometimes laugh-out-loud amusing, they both effectively show the grey reality of former real-life celebs well past their halcyon days. The film runs 1 hour, 49 minutes. GRADE: A-

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