Death Wish II

Paul Kersey is again a vigilante trying to find five punks who murdered his housekeeper and daughter in Los Angeles.

Directed by: Michael Winner
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama,
Production Company: City Film, Filmways Pictures, Cannon Group, Golan-Globus Productions, Landers-Roberts Productions,

Death Wish II - When murder and rape invade your home, and the cops can't stop it... This man will. His way. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-02-1982
  • Runtime: 92 Minutes
  • Popularity: 13.43
  • Vote Count: 359
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2
  • Budget: USD 2,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 45,000,000
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Charles Bronson - Azwaad Movie Database Charles Bronson Paul Kersey
Jill Ireland - Azwaad Movie Database Jill Ireland Geri Nichols
Vincent Gardenia - Azwaad Movie Database Vincent Gardenia Det. Frank Ochoa
J.D. Cannon - Azwaad Movie Database J.D. Cannon New York D.A.
Anthony Franciosa - Azwaad Movie Database Anthony Franciosa Herman Baldwin
Ben Frank - Azwaad Movie Database Ben Frank Inspector Lt. Mankiewicz
Robin Sherwood - Azwaad Movie Database Robin Sherwood Carol Kersey
Silvana Gallardo - Azwaad Movie Database Silvana Gallardo Rosario
Robert F. Lyons - Azwaad Movie Database Robert F. Lyons Fred McKenzie
Michael Prince - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Prince Elliot Cass
Photo Name Department
Richard H. Kline-Camera Richard H. Kline Camera (Director of Photography)
Thomas Del Ruth-Camera Thomas Del Ruth Camera (Director of Photography)
Joe Scully-Production Joe Scully Production (Casting)
Michael Winner-Directing Michael Winner Directing (Director)
Michael Winner-Editing Michael Winner Editing (Editor)
Michael Winner-Writing Michael Winner Writing (Writer)
Menahem Golan-Production Menahem Golan Production (Producer)
Yoram Globus-Production Yoram Globus Production (Producer)
Ken Pepiot-Crew Ken Pepiot Crew (Special Effects)
William Hiney-Art William Hiney Art (Production Design)

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John Chard

Kersey Chaos. Michael Winner once again pushes the buttons of Hollywood with this sequel to his controversial hit, Death Wish. Plot follows a familiar trajectory, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) is now in Los Angeles living a normal life, when wouldn't you know it, some scumbag youths cross his path after administering some rape and pillage on folk close to him... The problem here, and the reason why some critics positively burst blood vessels after watching it, is that for the first half it just is pure exploitation, this in spite of some decent production value. Did it really need to be another sex crime? Could it not have been a murder et al? There gets a point in the film where you sense it's boobs for boobs sake. Though you have to wonder if Winner dared to ask Chuck and Jill Ireland (playing girlfriend of Chuck...) if Jill would do a nude scene? I think a broken nose may have come about if that subject had of been broached... Once Kersey (Bronson hard as nails again) goes about dealing out his brand of justice, the film hits its straps, teasing the viewers with moral - cum - ethical outrage or conversely, vicarious thinking. Vigilante films are always going to swim in tricky waters, provoking anger and heated debate from all walks of the political spectrum, but better to have them out there to provoke a response than not. Surely? There is nothing remotely high end here, but it's a film worthy of its above average rating on IMDb. It can shock, annoy, dismay and even induce unintentional mirth (three of the rapist thugs dance the campiest dance ever), but it will not be ignored and people are still seeking it out today to watch for the first time. Michael Winner still showing the ability to pique interest with his vigilante franchise. 6.5/10

id : 5556b3ae9251411e5b00437b

Not great and really uncomfortable to watch (as was the first film, but this one takes it up a level in the assault) but seeing Charles Bronson exacting revenge was good and he's in his element as Kersey. Not as good as the first but still "entertaining" (for the lack of a better word), if not a bit hokey at times late with Kersey getting lucky for the number of people covering for him. **3.0/5**

id : 627573cca8023600661d244c

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