Dallas Buyers Club

Loosely based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug-taking, women-loving, homophobic man who in 1986 was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live.

Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallée Urs Hirschbiegel Mark C. Stevens
Genres: Drama, History,
Production Company: Universal Pictures, Truth Entertainment, Voltage Pictures, CE, Evolution Independent, R² Films, Rainmaker Films,

Dallas Buyers Club - Sometimes it takes a hustler to change the world - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 17-11-2013
  • Runtime: 117 Minutes
  • Popularity: 16.35
  • Vote Count: 6,170
  • IMDB Rating: 8.0
  • Budget: USD 5,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 55,736,588
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Matthew McConaughey - Azwaad Movie Database Matthew McConaughey Ron Woodroof
Jared Leto - Azwaad Movie Database Jared Leto Rayon
Jennifer Garner - Azwaad Movie Database Jennifer Garner Dr. Eve Saks
Steve Zahn - Azwaad Movie Database Steve Zahn Tucker
Denis O'Hare - Azwaad Movie Database Denis O'Hare Dr. Sevard
Dallas Roberts - Azwaad Movie Database Dallas Roberts David Wayne
Michael O'Neill - Azwaad Movie Database Michael O'Neill Richard Barkley
Kevin Rankin - Azwaad Movie Database Kevin Rankin T.J.
Griffin Dunne - Azwaad Movie Database Griffin Dunne Dr. Vass
J.D. Evermore - Azwaad Movie Database J.D. Evermore Clint
Photo Name Department
Kerry Barden-Production Kerry Barden Production (Casting)
Robin Mathews-Costume & Make-Up Robin Mathews Costume & Make-Up (Makeup Department Head)
Holly Wiersma-Production Holly Wiersma Production (Executive Producer)
Paul Schnee-Production Paul Schnee Production (Casting)
John Paino-Art John Paino Art (Production Design)
David L. Bushell-Production David L. Bushell Production (Executive Producer)
Robbie Brenner-Production Robbie Brenner Production (Producer)
Cassian Elwes-Production Cassian Elwes Production (Executive Producer)
Jean-Marc Vallée-Directing Jean-Marc Vallée Directing (Director)
Jean-Marc Vallée-Editing Jean-Marc Vallée Editing (Editor)

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**A powerful film about the will to survive and the coldness of big pharma** Matthew McConaughey gives an amazing performance as Ron Woodroof the homophobic, hard partying electrician/rodeo cowboy who becomes HIV positive due to some poor lifestyle choices. Ostracised by his friends for having what was at the time considered a gay disease he goes on a damaging bender before discovering he has full blown AIDS. When faced with a death sentence and ineffective drugs approved by the FDA, he heads to Mexico to source and import medication not available in the US, and decides to sell it to help himself and others while making a tidy profit. Jared Leto is magnetic as Rayon, a drug addicted gay man who becomes Woodroof's business partner and eventually his friend. Both actors lost a significant amount of weight for the role, which lends real authenticity and gravity to the film. Made on a shoestring budget, with little to no special effects, this film is all about the story and the performances. The battles with the FDA trying to circumvent red tape, and get people medication they desperately need is frustrating and all too realistic. Big pharma calls the shots, manipulates data and statistics and keeps peddling their toxic expensive medication, while Woodroof battles for the rights to treat himself with medicine he knows works. It is a David and Goliath story, a look at an era when AIDS was virtually untreatable and running out of control. One man's battle against bureaucracy told with charm and panache. 8/10

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