Cab driver Max picks up a man who offers him $600 to drive him around. But the promise of easy money sours when Max realizes his fare is an assassin.

Directed by: Michael Mann Michael Waxman Bryan H. Carroll Sydney Gilner Jesse Sternbaum Carla Bowen Wayne Witherspoon
Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller,
Production Company: Paramount, Parkes/MacDonald Productions, Edge City, DreamWorks Pictures,

Collateral - It started like any other night. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 04-08-2004
  • Runtime: 120 Minutes
  • Popularity: 15.11
  • Vote Count: 3,666
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2
  • Budget: USD 65,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 217,764,291
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Tom Cruise - Azwaad Movie Database Tom Cruise Vincent
Jamie Foxx - Azwaad Movie Database Jamie Foxx Max Durocher
Jada Pinkett Smith - Azwaad Movie Database Jada Pinkett Smith Annie Farrell
Mark Ruffalo - Azwaad Movie Database Mark Ruffalo Det. Ray Fanning
Peter Berg - Azwaad Movie Database Peter Berg Richard Weidner
Bruce McGill - Azwaad Movie Database Bruce McGill Frank Pedrosa
Irma P. Hall - Azwaad Movie Database Irma P. Hall Ida Durocher
Barry Shabaka Henley - Azwaad Movie Database Barry Shabaka Henley Daniel Baker
Richard T. Jones - Azwaad Movie Database Richard T. Jones Traffic Cop #1
Klea Scott - Azwaad Movie Database Klea Scott Zee
Photo Name Department
Stuart Beattie-Writing Stuart Beattie Writing (Writer)
Michael Mann-Directing Michael Mann Directing (Director)
Michael Mann-Production Michael Mann Production (Producer)
Dion Beebe-Camera Dion Beebe Camera (Director of Photography)
Paul Rubell-Editing Paul Rubell Editing (Editor)
Francine Maisler-Production Francine Maisler Production (Casting)
James Newton Howard-Sound James Newton Howard Sound (Original Music Composer)
David Wasco-Art David Wasco Art (Production Design)
Frank Darabont-Production Frank Darabont Production (Executive Producer)
Michael Doven-Production Michael Doven Production (Associate Producer)

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Pretty good for a Tom Cruise led movie, but he's still bloody playing Tom Cruise. Just Tom Cruise with even stupider hair. Tom Cruise. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

id : 5c56dbb89251410e1d4f7e89

Well made thriller with Cruise turning one of his better performances (argument could be made deserved an Oscar nod), same with Jamie Foxx. A bit preposterous at times and some convenient moments (like when the cops let them go), but still entertaining and engaging until the very end. **4.25/5**

id : 5fc11bf6dd926a003f796d20

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