The Lucky Ones

The story revolves around three soldiers — Colee, T.K. and Cheaver — who return from the Iraq War after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them. They end up on an unexpected road trip across the U.S.

Directed by: Neil Burger
Genres: Comedy, Drama, History,
Production Company:

The Lucky Ones -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 26-09-2008
  • Runtime: 113 Minutes
  • Popularity: 7.92
  • Vote Count: 112
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Tim Robbins - Azwaad Movie Database Tim Robbins Fred Cheaver
Rachel McAdams - Azwaad Movie Database Rachel McAdams Colee Dunn
Michael Peña - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Peña T.K. Poole
Kerry Bishé - Azwaad Movie Database Kerry Bishé College Girl
Molly Hagan - Azwaad Movie Database Molly Hagan Pat Cheaver
Mark L. Young - Azwaad Movie Database Mark L. Young Scott Cheaver
Howard Platt - Azwaad Movie Database Howard Platt Stan Tilson
Arden Myrin - Azwaad Movie Database Arden Myrin Barbara Tilson
Coburn Goss - Azwaad Movie Database Coburn Goss Peter Tilson
John Heard - Azwaad Movie Database John Heard Bob
Photo Name Department
Naomi Geraghty-Editing Naomi Geraghty Editing (Editor)
Deborah Aquila-Production Deborah Aquila Production (Casting)
Deborah Aquila-Production Deborah Aquila Production (Co-Producer)
Brian Koppelman-Production Brian Koppelman Production (Producer)
David Levien-Production David Levien Production (Producer)
Declan Quinn-Camera Declan Quinn Camera (Director of Photography)
Leslie A. Pope-Art Leslie A. Pope Art (Production Design)
Neil Burger-Writing Neil Burger Writing (Screenplay)
Neil Burger-Directing Neil Burger Directing (Director)
Neil Burger-Production Neil Burger Production (Producer)

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