37 000 years ago, two neighboring tribes lived in peace ... not fully in peace. While the tribe clean hair flowed peaceful days by keeping to herself the secret formula shampoo, Tribe Hair Sales lamented. Its leader decided to send a spy to steal the recipe ...

Directed by: Alain Chabat Fabien Vergez
Genres: Comedy,
Production Company: StudioCanal, Les Robins des Bois Airlines, TF1 Films Production, Chez Wam,

RRRrrrr!!! -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 28-01-2004
  • Runtime: 94 Minutes
  • Popularity: 9.66
  • Vote Count: 814
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3
  • Budget: USD 17,820,000
  • Revenue: USD 14,054,361
  • Region: France ( FR ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Maurice Barthélemy - Azwaad Movie Database Maurice Barthélemy Pierre (le chef des Cheveux Propres)
Marina Foïs - Azwaad Movie Database Marina Foïs Guy
Elise Larnicol - Azwaad Movie Database Elise Larnicol Pierre (la femme du chef des Cheveux Propres)
Pierre-François Martin-Laval - Azwaad Movie Database Pierre-François Martin-Laval Pierre (la Touffe)
Jean-Paul Rouve - Azwaad Movie Database Jean-Paul Rouve Pierre (le Blond)
Pascal Vincent - Azwaad Movie Database Pascal Vincent Pierre (le préveneur de nuit)
Alain Chabat - Azwaad Movie Database Alain Chabat Pierre (le Guérissologue)
Jean Rochefort - Azwaad Movie Database Jean Rochefort Lucie
Gérard Depardieu - Azwaad Movie Database Gérard Depardieu Le chef des Cheveux Sales
Damien Jouillerot - Azwaad Movie Database Damien Jouillerot Piégeur
Photo Name Department
Alain Chabat-Directing Alain Chabat Directing (Director)
Alain Chabat-Writing Alain Chabat Writing (Writer)
Juliette Welfling-Editing Juliette Welfling Editing (Editor)
Laurent Dailland-Camera Laurent Dailland Camera (Director of Photography)
Jean-Paul Rouve-Writing Jean-Paul Rouve Writing (Writer)
Olivier Bériot-Costume & Make-Up Olivier Bériot Costume & Make-Up (Costume Supervisor)
Jean Gargonne-Sound Jean Gargonne Sound (Sound)
Pierre Excoffier-Sound Pierre Excoffier Sound (Sound)
Swan Pham-Production Swan Pham Production (Casting)
Frédéric Talgorn-Sound Frédéric Talgorn Sound (Original Music Composer)

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