Bruce Almighty

Bruce Nolan toils as a 'human interest' television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y., but despite his high ratings and the love of his beautiful girlfriend, Bruce remains unfulfilled. At the end of the worst day in his life, he angrily ridicules God—and the Almighty responds, endowing Bruce with all of His divine powers.

Directed by: Tom Shadyac Ryan Craig Jonathan Watson Mickey Gilbert Jeffrey Schwartz Carlos De La Torre Jody Spilkoman
Genres: Fantasy, Comedy,
Production Company: Pit Bull Productions, Spyglass Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Shady Acres Entertainment,

Bruce Almighty - In Bruce we trust? - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 23-05-2003
  • Runtime: 101 Minutes
  • Popularity: 37.15
  • Vote Count: 9,803
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7
  • Budget: USD 80,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 484,592,874
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Jim Carrey - Azwaad Movie Database Jim Carrey Bruce Nolan
Morgan Freeman - Azwaad Movie Database Morgan Freeman God
Jennifer Aniston - Azwaad Movie Database Jennifer Aniston Grace Connelly
Philip Baker Hall - Azwaad Movie Database Philip Baker Hall Jack Baylor
Catherine Bell - Azwaad Movie Database Catherine Bell Susan Ortega
Lisa Ann Walter - Azwaad Movie Database Lisa Ann Walter Debbie
Steve Carell - Azwaad Movie Database Steve Carell Evan Baxter
Nora Dunn - Azwaad Movie Database Nora Dunn Ally Loman
Eddie Jemison - Azwaad Movie Database Eddie Jemison Bobby
Paul Satterfield - Azwaad Movie Database Paul Satterfield Dallas Coleman
Photo Name Department
Jim Carrey-Production Jim Carrey Production (Producer)
Linda DeScenna-Art Linda DeScenna Art (Production Design)
John Debney-Sound John Debney Sound (Original Music Composer)
Junie Lowry-Johnson-Production Junie Lowry-Johnson Production (Casting)
Ron Surma-Production Ron Surma Production (Casting)
Tim Gilbert-Crew Tim Gilbert Crew (Stunts)
Steve Oedekerk-Writing Steve Oedekerk Writing (Screenplay)
Steve Oedekerk-Production Steve Oedekerk Production (Executive Producer)
Tom Shadyac-Directing Tom Shadyac Directing (Director)
Tom Shadyac-Production Tom Shadyac Production (Producer)

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John Chard

Being God can be Hell. Fans of Jim Carrey can't go wrong with this fun filled picture that's not without serious undertones as well. The Premise is flimsy as such, Carrey plays Nolan, a harried and fed up TV reporter who feels that all of his problems are God's fault. Having enough of his whingeing, God (Morgan Freeman) summons Nolan to his "residence" and bestows all his powers to him. This is where the film hits its stride, the makers letting Carrey loose for a number of funny sequences as he plays God to further his own ends. It goes where you expect it to, and nobody else gets a look in as Carrey does his stuff, but the journey is a most pleasant one. 7/10

id : 53e8067ac3a368399c002405
The Movie Mob

**Bruce Almighty leverages Carrey's comedy strengths and a solid supporting cast to create a top-notch lighthearted comedy. ** Honestly, I had a traumatic experience from seeing The Mask way too young, and it left me terrified of Jim Carrey for quite a while. Even after I grew out of the Carreyphobia, I still wasn't a fan, but Bruce Almighty changed everything. The first time I saw it, it was against my will, but I am so glad I was forced to watch it because it's a wonderful movie! It has fun with Christian values and themes without bashing or harassing its source material. It's just a good-natured funny movie that sees Carrey's Bruce Nolan grow from kind but self-absorbed to considerate and caring of those around him and appreciating all that he already had in his life, especially his love interest played by Jennifer Anniston. Bruce Almighty also showcases a young Steve Carrell in his big breakout role as Carrey's rival, who faces the wrath of Carrey's God powers in a hilarious way. This film is by far my favorite Jim Carrey film and one of my favorite comedies.

id : 63279bb143250f007e8bbd21
Andre Gonzales

Another one of my favorite movies of all time. Jim Carey is one of my favorite actors. This movie is so funny. Who doesn't want to play God. I know would love to give it a shot if it was possible.

id : 645180eec044290164ea20de

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