My Golden Days

Paul is preparing to leave Tajikistan, while thinking back on his adolescent years. His childhood, his mother's madness, the parties, the trip to the USSR where he lost his virginity, the friend who betrayed him and the love of his life.

Directed by: Arnaud Desplechin Marion Dehaene
Genres: Drama,
Production Company: PROCIREP, Why Not Productions, France 2 Cinéma, Ciné+, Soficinéma 11, Cinémage 9, Angoa-Agicoa, CNC, Canal+, France Télévisions, Pictanovo,

My Golden Days -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 20-05-2015
  • Runtime: 123 Minutes
  • Popularity: 5.44
  • Vote Count: 129
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 269,144
  • Region: France ( FR ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Mathieu Amalric - Azwaad Movie Database Mathieu Amalric Paul Dédalus (adult)
Lou Roy-Lecollinet - Azwaad Movie Database Lou Roy-Lecollinet Esther
Quentin Dolmaire - Azwaad Movie Database Quentin Dolmaire Paul Dédalus (adolescent)
Léonard Matton - Azwaad Movie Database Léonard Matton William
Dinara Drukarova - Azwaad Movie Database Dinara Drukarova Irina
Cécile Garcia-Fogel - Azwaad Movie Database Cécile Garcia-Fogel Jeanne Dédalus, la mère
Françoise Lebrun - Azwaad Movie Database Françoise Lebrun Rose
Irina Vavilova - Azwaad Movie Database Irina Vavilova Mme Sidorov
Olivier Rabourdin - Azwaad Movie Database Olivier Rabourdin Abel Dédalus, le père
Elyot Milshtein - Azwaad Movie Database Elyot Milshtein Marc Zylberberg
Photo Name Department
Pascal Caucheteux-Production Pascal Caucheteux Production (Producer)
Nicolas Cantin-Sound Nicolas Cantin Sound (Dialogue Editor)
Arnaud Desplechin-Writing Arnaud Desplechin Writing (Screenplay)
Arnaud Desplechin-Directing Arnaud Desplechin Directing (Director)
Alexandre Nazarian-Production Alexandre Nazarian Production (Casting)
Grégoire Hetzel-Sound Grégoire Hetzel Sound (Original Music Composer)
Oury Milshtein-Production Oury Milshtein Production (Executive Producer)
Laurence Briaud-Editing Laurence Briaud Editing (Editor)
Irina Lubtchansky-Camera Irina Lubtchansky Camera (Director of Photography)
Nathalie Raoul-Costume & Make-Up Nathalie Raoul Costume & Make-Up (Costume Design)

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**Being young, having a beautiful girlfriend and other things that had done!** They say its a prequel to the 1996 film 'My Sex Life' that I haven't seen, but this looked good and its not. I'm not sure how much one has to be familiar with the original film, though it does not matter much I think since it is a prequel. Because everything starts here and follows there. So I saw it, and I wanted to like it, but not fully impressed. The story was told in chapters. The opening was like some kind of a spy thriller, but soon when the episode 'Esther' begins, it turned into a romance drama. A man who has been investigated when another person with the same identity was found. So he reveals his school day's events, followed by his first girlfriend and complication surrounding it he had faced. That, how he had won her over the older boys and about his close friend, till leaving them behind to work in the central Asia. Mostly it is a love story with some twists in the affair, but how it all ends still remains mystery even after the narration ended. The issue is it is not detailing anything, just reveals events of a youngster's romance life. Particularly the end was not good. So I think that's why I need to see the first film, resuming the narration could continue from where this one concluded. I leave (_b_l_a_n_k__s_p_a_c_e_) till I saw that and update this review, if I change my stance over this one. Even if I didn't like, still I would update it. Meanwhile back to the review; it is like a French version of 'Flashbacks of a Fool'. Technically, there's no fault in this, only the screenplay did not convince me. The actors were so good, no doubt its a well made film that some people would enjoy it and I hope you are one of those. _6/10_

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