I Kissed a Girl

Jérémie, 34, wakes up in an apartment he doesn't know, next to a woman he doesn't know. She is Adna, a stunning Swedish woman who is as funny as she is sweet. Is this the beginning of a fairy tale? Not quite, since Jérémie is about to get married—to Antoine.

Directed by: Maxime Govare Noémie Saglio
Genres: Comedy,
Production Company: Gaumont,

I Kissed a Girl -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 28-01-2015
  • Runtime: 98 Minutes
  • Popularity: 7.17
  • Vote Count: 227
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: France ( FR ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Pio Marmaï - Azwaad Movie Database Pio Marmaï Jérémie Deprez
Franck Gastambide - Azwaad Movie Database Franck Gastambide Charles
Adrianna Gradziel - Azwaad Movie Database Adrianna Gradziel Adna
Lannick Gautry - Azwaad Movie Database Lannick Gautry Antoine
Camille Cottin - Azwaad Movie Database Camille Cottin Clémence
Frédéric Pierrot - Azwaad Movie Database Frédéric Pierrot Hubert Deprez
Isabelle Candelier - Azwaad Movie Database Isabelle Candelier Françoise Deprez
Sébastien Castro - Azwaad Movie Database Sébastien Castro Nounours
Nicole Ferroni - Azwaad Movie Database Nicole Ferroni Sarah Deprez
Etienne Guiraud - Azwaad Movie Database Etienne Guiraud Jean
Photo Name Department
Jérôme Alméras-Camera Jérôme Alméras Camera (Director of Photography)
Sidonie Dumas-Production Sidonie Dumas Production (Producer)
Beatrice Herminie-Editing Beatrice Herminie Editing (Editor)
Mathieu Lamboley-Sound Mathieu Lamboley Sound (Original Music Composer)
Christian Marti-Art Christian Marti Art (Production Design)
Maxime Govare-Writing Maxime Govare Writing (Screenplay)
Maxime Govare-Directing Maxime Govare Directing (Director)
Clément Sentilhes-Production Clément Sentilhes Production (Production Manager)
Noémie Saglio-Writing Noémie Saglio Writing (Screenplay)
Noémie Saglio-Directing Noémie Saglio Directing (Director)

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