Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

When his new album fails to sell records, pop/rap superstar Conner4real goes into a major tailspin and watches his celebrity high life begin to collapse. He'll try anything to bounce back, anything except reuniting with his old rap group The Style Boyz.

Directed by: Akiva Schaffer Jorma Taccone Ryan Craig Steve Day Adam Cuthbert Michelle Schrauwers Cecilia Sweatman Walter E. Myal
Genres: Comedy, Music,
Production Company: Universal Pictures, Apatow Productions, Party Over, The Lonely Island, Perfect World Pictures,

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 03-06-2016
  • Runtime: 86 Minutes
  • Popularity: 12.28
  • Vote Count: 892
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 9,496,130
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: https://www.uphe.com/movies/popstar-never-stop-never-stopping

Photo Name Character
Andy Samberg - Azwaad Movie Database Andy Samberg Conner Friel
Jorma Taccone - Azwaad Movie Database Jorma Taccone Owen Bouchard
Akiva Schaffer - Azwaad Movie Database Akiva Schaffer Lawrence Dunn
Sarah Silverman - Azwaad Movie Database Sarah Silverman Paula Klein
Tim Meadows - Azwaad Movie Database Tim Meadows Harry Duggins
Maya Rudolph - Azwaad Movie Database Maya Rudolph Deborah
Joan Cusack - Azwaad Movie Database Joan Cusack Tilly
Imogen Poots - Azwaad Movie Database Imogen Poots Ashley Wednesday
Chris Redd - Azwaad Movie Database Chris Redd Hunter
Edgar Blackmon - Azwaad Movie Database Edgar Blackmon Eddie
Photo Name Department
Craig Alpert-Editing Craig Alpert Editing (Editor)
Jon Billington-Art Jon Billington Art (Production Design)
George H. Anderson-Sound George H. Anderson Sound (Supervising Sound Editor)
Goro Koyama-Sound Goro Koyama Sound (Foley Artist)
Andy Malcolm-Sound Andy Malcolm Sound (Foley Artist)
Lori Mazuer-Art Lori Mazuer Art (Set Decoration)
Judd Apatow-Production Judd Apatow Production (Producer)
Allison Jones-Production Allison Jones Production (Casting)
Rodney Rothman-Production Rodney Rothman Production (Producer)
Akiva Schaffer-Directing Akiva Schaffer Directing (Director)

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Austin Singleton

This movie could have been hour HBO special and been just as good if not better but it's still a pretty funny movie! Read my full review here. http://www.hweird1reviews.com/allreviews/popstar-never-stop-never-stopping-review

id : 57aceffec3a3682063000173

Perhaps for someone who is more engrained in the pop culture of the day, this would be a success. It's not that I didn't understand the references, it's just that I didn't care. _Final rating:★★ - Definitely not for me, but I sort of get the appeal._

id : 57d0ddc3c3a3684b3e003397

**A fun film, but also very sensible.** The title clearly says it is a parody of 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never'. I haven't seen that, but this film was so fun. Just like another 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'. If you like the combination of music and comedy, this is for you. I think the writing was the best thing, even the lyrics of the songs. The directors did their part very well, but in the end it was the actors who saved the film. Andy Samberg was splendid. The film was narrated in a documentary style like a series of interviews which also includes behind scenes, I mean unedited clips like the live recording. It is the story of three members of a famous band in America. When everything was going well for them, the split happens unexpectedly. So the main singer decides to go solo and sees some success. But he struggles through his girlfriend and their marriage plans, and also he finds some issue with his manager. You know the makeover begins, how he comes back to his normal life was the remaining film. It is not anybody's biography, but you should still watch it. The storytelling is not preoccupied with the drugs and sexes, though there are some amounts, which makes it is good viewing for the adults. Don't think it is some silly comedy, lots of things from it makes sense. You can enjoy the music and at a time you would have some laughs. Well balanced contents and overall it is a rare comedy. _7/10_

id : 57f40e16c3a36805ac0002c4

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