The Guy in the Grave Next Door

Desirée, a modern librarian with urban friends and interests is visiting her late husband's grave when she meets Benny, a simple farmer. After his mother's death Benny lives alone on the run-down farm, desperately seeking a woman to take care of him. In spite of their differences the two have the dream of finding that special someone in common, and fall passionately in love. Benny wants Desirée to move in with him and start a family as soon as possible. But being a farmer's wife is not something she is very enthusiastic about. Just presenting Benny as her boyfriend proves to be an embarrassing experience. And when she gets a tempting job offer in Stockholm she has to consider her priorities carefully.

Directed by: Kjell Sundvall
Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy,
Production Company: Yellow Cottage, Filmlance International, Filmpool Nord, Sonet Film,

The Guy in the Grave Next Door -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 02-08-2002
  • Runtime: 94 Minutes
  • Popularity: 2.87
  • Vote Count: 17
  • IMDB Rating: 5.2
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: Norway ( NO ), Sweden ( SE ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Michael Nyqvist - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Nyqvist Benny
Elisabet Carlsson - Azwaad Movie Database Elisabet Carlsson Desiré
Annika Olsson - Azwaad Movie Database Annika Olsson Märta
Anna Azcárate - Azwaad Movie Database Anna Azcárate Lilian
Rolf Degerlund - Azwaad Movie Database Rolf Degerlund Bengt-Göran
Anita Heikkilä - Azwaad Movie Database Anita Heikkilä Violet
Axelle Axell - Azwaad Movie Database Axelle Axell Desirée's Mother
Sara Arnia - Azwaad Movie Database Sara Arnia Benny's Mother
Lotta Östlin Stenshäll - Azwaad Movie Database Lotta Östlin Stenshäll Anita
Photo Name Department
Per-Erik Svensson-Production Per-Erik Svensson Production (Executive Producer)
Karin Sundvall-Costume & Make-Up Karin Sundvall Costume & Make-Up (Costume Design)
Peter Possne-Production Peter Possne Production (Executive Producer)
Thomas Täng-Editing Thomas Täng Editing (Editor)
Imor Hermann-Production Imor Hermann Production (Casting)
Philip Øgaard-Camera Philip Øgaard Camera (Director of Photography)
Kjell Sundvall-Directing Kjell Sundvall Directing (Director)
Lars Blomgren-Production Lars Blomgren Production (Executive Producer)
Peter Höglund-Production Peter Höglund Production (Executive Producer)
Börje Hansson-Production Börje Hansson Production (Producer)

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