The Kingdom

A team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.

Directed by: Peter Berg
Genres: Thriller, Action, Drama,
Production Company: Universal Pictures, Forward Pass, Relativity Media, FilmWorks, MDBF Zweite Filmgesellschaft,

The Kingdom - How do you stop an enemy who isn't afraid to die? - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 22-08-2007
  • Runtime: 110 Minutes
  • Popularity: 14.68
  • Vote Count: 1,082
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6
  • Budget: USD 70,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 86,658,558
  • Region: Germany ( DE ), United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Jamie Foxx - Azwaad Movie Database Jamie Foxx Ronald Fleury
Jennifer Garner - Azwaad Movie Database Jennifer Garner Janet Mayes
Chris Cooper - Azwaad Movie Database Chris Cooper Grant Sykes
Jason Bateman - Azwaad Movie Database Jason Bateman Adam Leavitt
Ali Suliman - Azwaad Movie Database Ali Suliman Sergeant Haytham
Jeremy Piven - Azwaad Movie Database Jeremy Piven Damon Schmidt
Ashraf Barhom - Azwaad Movie Database Ashraf Barhom Colonel Faris Al Ghazi
Richard Jenkins - Azwaad Movie Database Richard Jenkins Robert Grace
Tim McGraw - Azwaad Movie Database Tim McGraw Aaron Jackson
Kyle Chandler - Azwaad Movie Database Kyle Chandler Francis Manner
Photo Name Department
Zoë Bell-Crew Zoë Bell Crew (Stunts)
Danny Elfman-Sound Danny Elfman Sound (Original Music Composer)
Michael Mann-Production Michael Mann Production (Producer)
Sala Baker-Crew Sala Baker Crew (Stunts)
John Cameron-Production John Cameron Production (Executive Producer)
Amanda Mackey-Production Amanda Mackey Production (Casting)
Ronald R. Reiss-Art Ronald R. Reiss Art (Set Decoration)
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond-Production Cathy Sandrich Gelfond Production (Casting)
K.C. Hodenfield-Production K.C. Hodenfield Production (Producer)
Tom Duffield-Art Tom Duffield Art (Production Design)

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