Buffalo Boys

Betrayed by the Dutch colonial forces, Arana manages to escape along with his nephews Jamar and Suwo, the newborn sons of Hamza, one of the last Indonesian sultans fighting against foreign tyranny. In 1860, after wandering for years on the plains of the American Wild West, Arana and the two brothers return to Indonesia to avenge their dead loved ones and punish the evil man who caused their misfortune.

Directed by: Mike Wiluan Kazu Patrick Tang Febby Stephanie Ginting Andy Howard Bunpote Hemsokana Arman Rizal Tasrif Wahyu Hidayat
Genres: Drama, Action,
Production Company: Infinite Studios, Zhao Wei Films, Bert Pictures,

Buffalo Boys -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 19-07-2018
  • Runtime: 103 Minutes
  • Popularity: 31.24
  • Vote Count: 43
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: Indonesia ( ID ), Singapore ( SG ),
  • Homepage: http://zhaowei.com/web/index.php/films/buffalo-boys-2018

Photo Name Department
Sean Albertson-Editing Sean Albertson Editing (Editor)
Eric Khoo-Production Eric Khoo Production (Executive Producer)
Tan Fong Cheng-Production Tan Fong Cheng Production (Producer)
Natalie Soh-Editing Natalie Soh Editing (Editor)
Pawas Sawatchaiyamet-Art Pawas Sawatchaiyamet Art (Production Design)
Mike Wiluan-Writing Mike Wiluan Writing (Screenplay)
Mike Wiluan-Directing Mike Wiluan Directing (Director)
Mike Wiluan-Production Mike Wiluan Production (Producer)
Mike Wiluan-Writing Mike Wiluan Writing (Screenstory)
John Radel-Camera John Radel Camera (Director of Photography)

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