The Polar Express

When a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis Steve Starkey Josh McLaglen Luca Kouimelis Fernando Benítez Joseph Thomas Juan Gonzalez Rick Kelly Corey Hels Maks Naporowski Carlos Pedroza
Genres: Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy,
Production Company: Golden Mean, Playtone, ImageMovers, Castle Rock Entertainment, Shangri-La Entertainment,

The Polar Express - This holiday season... believe. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 10-11-2004
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
  • Popularity: 54.81
  • Vote Count: 4,726
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7
  • Budget: USD 165,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 310,634,054
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Tom Hanks - Azwaad Movie Database Tom Hanks Hero Boy / Father / Conductor / Hobo / Scrooge / Santa Claus
Leslie Zemeckis - Azwaad Movie Database Leslie Zemeckis Sister Sarah / Mother
Eddie Deezen - Azwaad Movie Database Eddie Deezen Know-It-All
Nona Gaye - Azwaad Movie Database Nona Gaye Hero Girl (voice)
Peter Scolari - Azwaad Movie Database Peter Scolari Billy - Lonely Boy
Michael Jeter - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Jeter Smokey / Steamer
Josh Hutcherson - Azwaad Movie Database Josh Hutcherson Hero Boy
Daryl Sabara - Azwaad Movie Database Daryl Sabara Hero Boy (voice)
Jimmy Bennett - Azwaad Movie Database Jimmy Bennett Lonely Boy (voice)
Brendan King - Azwaad Movie Database Brendan King Pastry Chef
Photo Name Department
Alan Silvestri-Sound Alan Silvestri Sound (Original Music Composer)
Alan Silvestri-Sound Alan Silvestri Sound (Songs)
Alan Silvestri-Sound Alan Silvestri Sound (Conductor)
Robert Zemeckis-Writing Robert Zemeckis Writing (Screenplay)
Robert Zemeckis-Directing Robert Zemeckis Directing (Director)
Robert Zemeckis-Production Robert Zemeckis Production (Producer)
Steve Starkey-Production Steve Starkey Production (Producer)
Steve Starkey-Directing Steve Starkey Directing (Second Unit Director)
Tom Hanks-Production Tom Hanks Production (Executive Producer)
Don Burgess-Camera Don Burgess Camera (Director of Photography)

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***Some kids with creepy dead eyes take a dreamlike trip to the North Pole on The Polar Express*** A boy from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is at the age where he no longer believes in Christmas, as far as Santa, his elves and flying reindeer go, but a magical train appears in front of his home on Christmas Eve and whisks him away on an adventurous trip to the North Pole with several other kids. “The Polar Express” (2004) was based on the 1985 Christmas book and was the first mainline movie to use motion capture animation for all its characters beginning to end (think Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy). Some people think the animation is weak, but I feel it creates its own world and has its own charm. It holds up as long as you can adapt to those creepy dead eyes of the characters. Some people love this movie while others think it’s weird, like a Twilight Zone Christmas flick. Roger Ebert, for instance, loved it and gave it a perfect grade. I’m sorta in the middle. I see its good points and appreciate them, like the haunting winter ambiance, parts of the trip to the North Pole (e.g. the quasi-rollercoaster ride) and the kids’ investigation of the Christmas factory. But there are some meh parts and dubious sections like the whole last act with the multitude of elves and the towering Santa who looked like he was modeled after 6’5” Christopher Lee with a pillow strapped to his mid-section. The movie’s interesting in some ways but also quaint in a cheesy way, as well as peculiar and lifeless. The film runs 1 hour, 40 minutes. GRADE: C

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No matter how many times I watch this, it always brought me to tears! I only wish that I got to see it in 3D at the cinema.

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Peter McGinn

Watching The Polar Express is not an annual event for me, but I believe I have seen it three times and would not nix the idea if someone were to suggest watching it again. I feel a connection to it for an odd reason: my wife and I volunteered one Christmas season to be elves serving cocoa and dancing for an actual Polar Express narrow gauge train ride when we lived in Maine. (Though I can assure you our dancing was not as acrobatic as what you see in this movie.) The animation feels a little odd at first, but I stop noticing it each time I watch it. The story turns the train trip to the North Pole into a real thrill ride for the children on board, especially for our hero boy, voiced by Tom Hanks. In fact, if you are a Hanks fan, settle in, because he does multiple voices here, including one that sounds remarkably like Gilbert Godfrey to me. I try to avoid punching holes in the plots of Christmas movies. Half the point is that they will include unlikely events all leading to the miracle of Christmas ending. You want logic; pull out the old algebra textbook!

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