The Mist

After a violent storm, a dense cloud of mist envelops a small Maine town, trapping artist David Drayton and his five-year-old son in a local grocery store with other people. They soon discover that the mist conceals deadly horrors that threaten their lives, and worse, their sanity.

Directed by: Frank Darabont Gregory Nicotero K.C. Colwell Alison Young
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller,
Production Company: Darkwoods Productions, Dimension Films,

The Mist - Belief divides them, mystery surrounds them, but fear changes everything. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 21-11-2007
  • Runtime: 126 Minutes
  • Popularity: 24.62
  • Vote Count: 3,201
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8
  • Budget: USD 18,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 57,096,190
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Thomas Jane - Azwaad Movie Database Thomas Jane David Drayton
Laurie Holden - Azwaad Movie Database Laurie Holden Amanda
Toby Jones - Azwaad Movie Database Toby Jones Ollie
Marcia Gay Harden - Azwaad Movie Database Marcia Gay Harden Mrs. Carmody
Samuel Witwer - Azwaad Movie Database Samuel Witwer Jessup
Andre Braugher - Azwaad Movie Database Andre Braugher Norton
Chris Owen - Azwaad Movie Database Chris Owen Norm
Alexa Davalos - Azwaad Movie Database Alexa Davalos Sally
David Jensen - Azwaad Movie Database David Jensen Myron
William Sadler - Azwaad Movie Database William Sadler Jim
Photo Name Department
Bob Weinstein-Production Bob Weinstein Production (Executive Producer)
Harvey Weinstein-Production Harvey Weinstein Production (Executive Producer)
Stephen King-Writing Stephen King Writing (Novel)
Stephen King-Crew Stephen King Crew (Thanks)
Deborah Aquila-Production Deborah Aquila Production (Casting)
Frank Darabont-Writing Frank Darabont Writing (Screenplay)
Frank Darabont-Directing Frank Darabont Directing (Director)
Frank Darabont-Production Frank Darabont Production (Producer)
Mark Isham-Sound Mark Isham Sound (Original Music Composer)
Mike Mignola-Crew Mike Mignola Crew (Thanks)

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Following a devastating storm, a small town in Maine finds that the eerie mist swarming into the neighborhood holds a deadly secret inside that attacks anyone around them and forces a small band of survivors trapped inside a supermarket to hold off the creatures. This one here is an incredibly frustrating King work. A lot of what makes this one so uneven is due to there being a lot to really like about it, a few points to love about it and then there were elements to utterly loathe about it. The film is at it's best with the way the mounting hysteria over the situation with them trapped within the supermarket and how the groups resolve their problems and start new ones which was pretty good and makes for a realistic feeling to the story, detailing how it all breaks down and what the group resorts to in order to keep their sanity. Likewise, that in turn leads into the films' best efforts in the first few attacks with the unknown creatures inside the mist killing off the victims as they refuse to believe what's out there and rush foolishly into the area which makes for a series of fun times out in the cargo hold and the different attempts to reach safety outside and then encountering the different creatures and their powers were all good points. The flying insects and them trying to keep them out as the different creatures break in resulting in a series of great encounters trying to clear them out of the store, and the insane battle in the pharmacy during the pitch-black interior is a rather stark and creepy experience fighting off the array of creatures that gives this one a ton of impressive points. The final few battles and escapes to get out, the blood and gore and the way that the creatures are dealt with are all loved points here as that all leads into the stellar finale which is an absolutely unforeseen and shocking in what goes on as there are some rather disturbing parts in this section. Along with the fine creature effects, these here are the good parts to really love about it although it does have a few issues to be had here. The film's biggest problem is the mere appearance of the religious babble that gets spewed in here which is so wrongheaded and rather off-putting it just makes the viewer feel like not watching it all that often. Yet another big issue here is the length and how overlong it feels, with the rather overlong sections in the middle really making it feel it's length somewhat. While there's plenty to like here, these do hold it back. Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and intense themes of children-in-danger.

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John Chard

You can't convince some people there's a fire even when their hair is burning. Denial is a powerful thing. The Mist is directed by Frank Darabont and Darabont adapts the screenplay from the story of the same name written by Stephen King. It stars Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Toby Jones, Laurie Holden and Andre Braugher. Music is by Mark Isham and cinematography by Rohn Schmidt.​ ​ Residents of a small Maine town become trapped in the local supermarket when an otherworldly mist brings deadly creatures in full attack mode. That's not the only problem, for two groups form inside the market, one in favour of escaping, the other for expiation. As is the norm, King adaptations vary in quality and divisive fan appraisals, so with "The Mist" on screen not exactly setting the box office alight, and it even getting delayed releases in Europe, one would think this is one of the lesser King adapted lights? Not so, in fact, it is now proving to have a longevity of worth in horror fan circles. So much so, that the great horror writer at the literary source gives it the full thumbs up whilst giving the "changed" ending his full pat on the back approval. Darabont is of course the director who previously took King's more human interest stories and crafted much beloved movies out of them, so why was he in the chair to direct a film about alien creatures unleashing bloody dread on small town Americana? Well actually the answer is why "The Mist" is such a cunning chilly delight. For this not only features monstrous creatures straight out of a Lovecraft/Barker nightmare, but also the monsters of the human kind, where the venality of the human condition is laid bare under duress, of which it is very frightening. The alien creatures themselves creep the flesh, ok the effects work sometimes sags under the scrutiny of "HD" viewings, but this is nightmarish stuff, none more so than with a quite brilliant and terrifying sequence of events in a pharmacy. Yet it's the human monsters within the supermarket that usurps our creature invaders, where religious fervour and mans propensity for survival comes crashing together for dynamic results - the cast utterly in tune with the material and delivering quality portrayals. Once the human battles within dissipates, and we come to the resolutions and reasonings of what has caused the creature invasion (hello subtext), we arrive at the much talked about finale. It actually deserves to be divisive, for we don't want yet another horror film finale that has people shrugging their respective shoulders and saying "fair enough, but is that it?". If you buy into the all round bleak tonalities that the pic has been serving throughout, then this ending hits all the right buttons. For sure, this is no easy cop out to send you home with a smile on your face, it's brutal, and crucially it's befitting the word of the genre it sits in - horror. 8.5/10

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