The Bad Guys

When the Bad Guys, a crew of criminal animals, are finally caught after years of heists and being the world’s most-wanted villains, Mr. Wolf brokers a deal to save them all from prison.

Directed by: Pierre Perifel
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Crime, Comedy,
Production Company: Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation,

The Bad Guys - Good is no fun at all. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 17-03-2022
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
  • Popularity: 126.37
  • Vote Count: 1,355
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7
  • Budget: USD 80,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 248,000,000
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage:

Photo Name Character
Sam Rockwell - Azwaad Movie Database Sam Rockwell Wolf (voice)
Marc Maron - Azwaad Movie Database Marc Maron Snake (voice)
Awkwafina - Azwaad Movie Database Awkwafina Tarantula (voice)
Craig Robinson - Azwaad Movie Database Craig Robinson Shark (voice)
Anthony Ramos - Azwaad Movie Database Anthony Ramos Piranha (voice)
Richard Ayoade - Azwaad Movie Database Richard Ayoade Professor Marmalade (voice)
Zazie Beetz - Azwaad Movie Database Zazie Beetz Diane Foxington (voice)
Alex Borstein - Azwaad Movie Database Alex Borstein Police Chief Misty Luggins (voice)
Lilly Singh - Azwaad Movie Database Lilly Singh Tiffany Fluffit (voice)
Barbara Goodson - Azwaad Movie Database Barbara Goodson Old Lady (voice)
Photo Name Department
Susan Misner-Crew Susan Misner Crew (Choreographer)
Etan Cohen-Writing Etan Cohen Writing (Screenplay)
Etan Cohen-Production Etan Cohen Production (Executive Producer)
John Venzon-Editing John Venzon Editing (Editor)
John Puglisi-Art John Puglisi Art (Storyboard Artist)
Aaron Blabey-Production Aaron Blabey Production (Executive Producer)
Aaron Blabey-Writing Aaron Blabey Writing (Book)
Julian Slater-Sound Julian Slater Sound (Supervising Sound Editor)
Julian Slater-Sound Julian Slater Sound (Sound Re-Recording Mixer)
Daniel Pemberton-Sound Daniel Pemberton Sound (Original Music Composer)

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The "Bad Guys" make the most secure location look like a candy store, and they tease the hapless police chief "Luggins" who seems incapable - despite having gazillions of officers - to catch them. Enter the new governor "Foxington" who basically ridicules them, declaims their achievement and provokes them into pulling the ultimate crime - the theft of the golden dolphin. What now ensues is an "Ocean's 5" style logistics exercise as the five of them carefully plan the theft. The trophy is to be presented to the icon of decency "Professor Marmalade" but is he quite who he seems? Is the governor? These films are a bit ten-a-penny, and this one isn't really very special. The dialogue is entertainingly quick-fire now and again (especially the snake and the piranha); "Weaps" - the extra nimble taratunla provides the gadgetry and the animation is efficient with plenty of action once the film gets moving. The ending, though, is daft and hurried and who knew there were so many millions of guinea pigs in the world!? I saw this on my own on a big screen, but I think this will do just as well on the television.

id : 624abe8815a4a1006380d546

I really enjoyed the movie. It's funny, the action scenes are very well done, the characters are charming, the dialogues are excellent and the animation style, in a mix of 2D and 3D, is the icing on the cake to complete an (almost) perfect animation. 'Almost' because the plot was pretty average. It's interesting and even brings a nice message, but I think it lacked a little more development, especially in making the movie more unpredictable. Halfway through the movie you already knew who the villain was and how the movie was going to end. They even added multiple 'twists' to make the story more unpredictable, but almost all of them were far-fetched and failed to surprise me. Despite that, this movie was a breath of originality from Dreamworks after a decade of bland animations. I'll give it a solid 8.

id : 6259938374d6c01b71085168
Chris Sawin

It’s a shame that the story isn’t nearly as appealing as the animation in _The Bad Guys_. The film is smart and funny with slick animation. _The Bad Guys_ is a delightful heist that you crave to be a part of. **Full review:**

id : 62640738f48e0d31edddb24c

MORE SPOILER-FREE REVIEWS @ "The Bad Guys is one of the lightest, most pleasant, genuinely positive viewings of the year. With a clear distinction between being "good" and "bad", stereotypes and preconceived notions are brilliantly addressed in a sweet redemption story that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. The voice cast is exceptional, elevating an admittedly formulaic narrative in a remarkably impactful manner. Despite being more geared towards children, the entertainment levels are high enough for any generation. The blend of 2D and 3D animation works flawlessly, offering an overall distinct look compared to what audiences are used to. In the end, it's yet another recommendation for families." Rating: B

id : 62dc8cf9dc1cb4004fab83e5
[robbie grawey]

Visually great and stylistically cool! Wish it was a bit less derivative, but the character dynamics and lightness really keep that from being too big of a detractor for me. I had fun! Also: love the fact that the guy who says “Marmalade” in PADDINGTON 2 is named Professor Marmalade in this.

id : 631fa40eb4a543007d41514a

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