We Have Your Husband

American-born Jayne Valseca, her husband Eduardo, the son of a legendary Mexican newspaper publisher, and their two children live an idyllic life on their 1,000 acre ranch outside of a peaceful Mexico town. But in the summer of 2007, their peaceful life is turned into a real-life nightmare when Eduardo is ambushed and kidnapped by strangers. With kidnapping becoming a pervasive and lucrative business in Mexico, Jayne is at the mercy of the kidnappers when they demand millions for the husband's safe release. She's pushed to the limit to do everything she possibly can to raise the money necessary to bring Eduardo back alive. As Eduardo is starved and tortured, he looses hope of ever seeing his family again but despite the dire and bleak times, Jayne refuses to give up and decides to turn the tables on the kidnappers and makes demands of her own. The film is based on a true story from the book, We Have Your Husband: One Woman's Terrifying Story of a Kidnapping in Mexico.

Directed by: Eric Bross Barry L. Caldwell J. Tom Archuleta
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Production Company: Silver Screen Pictures, Johnson Production Group,

We Have Your Husband -  - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 12-11-2011
  • Runtime: 89 Minutes
  • Popularity: 8.01
  • Vote Count: 6
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7
  • Budget: USD 0
  • Revenue: USD 0
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Teri Polo - Azwaad Movie Database Teri Polo Jayne Valseca
Esai Morales - Azwaad Movie Database Esai Morales Eduardo Valseca
Nicholas Gonzalez - Azwaad Movie Database Nicholas Gonzalez Raul
Olivia d'Abo - Azwaad Movie Database Olivia d'Abo Olivia
William R. Moses - Azwaad Movie Database William R. Moses Cal Wimberly
Danny Mora - Azwaad Movie Database Danny Mora Gustavo Otero
Gizza Elizondo - Azwaad Movie Database Gizza Elizondo Luz Valseca
Nikki Hahn - Azwaad Movie Database Nikki Hahn Maria Valseca
Marco Rodríguez - Azwaad Movie Database Marco Rodríguez El Jefe
Javier Grajeda - Azwaad Movie Database Javier Grajeda Barker
Photo Name Department
Charles Bornstein-Editing Charles Bornstein Editing (Editor)
Robb Wilson King-Art Robb Wilson King Art (Production Design)
J.B. White-Writing J.B. White Writing (Teleplay)
Lindsay Chag-Production Lindsay Chag Production (Casting)
Eric Bross-Directing Eric Bross Directing (Director)
Horacio Marquínez-Camera Horacio Marquínez Camera (Director of Photography)
Joseph Julián González-Sound Joseph Julián González Sound (Original Music Composer)
Tosca Musk-Production Tosca Musk Production (Producer)
Kyle A. Clark-Production Kyle A. Clark Production (Producer)
Eddie Perez-Crew Eddie Perez Crew (Stunt Coordinator)

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