In the Name of the Father

A small time thief from Belfast, Gerry Conlon, is falsely implicated in the IRA bombing of a pub that kills several people while he is in London. He and his four friends are coerced by British police into confessing their guilt. Gerry's father and other relatives in London are also implicated in the crime. He spends fifteen years in prison with his father trying to prove his innocence.

Directed by: Jean Bourne Jim Sheridan Gerry Toomey Simon Moseley
Genres: Drama,
Production Company: Universal Pictures, Hell's Kitchen Films,

In the Name of the Father - Falsely accused. Wrongly imprisoned. He fought for justice to clear his father’s name. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 12-12-1993
  • Runtime: 133 Minutes
  • Popularity: 10.64
  • Vote Count: 1,475
  • IMDB Rating: 7.9
  • Budget: USD 13,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 65,796,862
  • Region: United Kingdom ( GB ), Ireland ( IE ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Daniel Day-Lewis - Azwaad Movie Database Daniel Day-Lewis Gerry Conlon
Pete Postlethwaite - Azwaad Movie Database Pete Postlethwaite Giuseppe Conlon
Emma Thompson - Azwaad Movie Database Emma Thompson Gareth Peirce
John Lynch - Azwaad Movie Database John Lynch Paul Hill
Corin Redgrave - Azwaad Movie Database Corin Redgrave Robert Dixon
Beatie Edney - Azwaad Movie Database Beatie Edney Carole Richardson
John Benfield - Azwaad Movie Database John Benfield Chief PO Barker
Paterson Joseph - Azwaad Movie Database Paterson Joseph Benbay
Marie Jones - Azwaad Movie Database Marie Jones Sarah Conlon
Gerard McSorley - Azwaad Movie Database Gerard McSorley Belfast Detective Pavis
Photo Name Department
Francis Ford Coppola-Crew Francis Ford Coppola Crew (Thanks)
Marlon Brando-Crew Marlon Brando Crew (Thanks)
Al Pacino-Crew Al Pacino Crew (Thanks)
Patsy Pollock-Production Patsy Pollock Production (Casting)
Terry George-Writing Terry George Writing (Screenplay)
Terry George-Production Terry George Production (Co-Executive Producer)
Bono-Sound Bono Sound (Songs)
Gabriel Byrne-Production Gabriel Byrne Production (Executive Producer)
Trevor Jones-Sound Trevor Jones Sound (Original Music Composer)
Peter Biziou-Camera Peter Biziou Camera (Director of Photography)

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Shreyance Parakh

**In the name of INNOCENCE !!** Sometimes i say to myself **this can't happen to me** for the simple reason that it sounds really unfair to be happening..But watching a movie like this changes all perception of right and wrong, fair and unfair.. Only thing that can be fair in this world is your **HEART** !! Though **Daniel Day Lewis'** character is not your typical role model from the start, you know that the Heart within isn't black (more so from a scene just before he says 'In all my godforsaken life, I've never known what it was to kill somebody until now')..The transformation of Day Lewis' character from a man who wasn't responsible enough to take care of himself to a man who vows to fight for his father's name is brilliantly heartwarming! It just pains me to see how cruel 'WE' as a species can be to not accept our mistakes, even when we know that it can make someone's life miserable than HELL!! In all the movie is good till the time you don't think of it as someone's life being played out in front of you.As soon as you realize that,it transforms into something you cant just think of as just another brilliant movie.Instead your heart goes out to the people who actually had to go through all this.. Well directed, superbly acted, brilliant,heart breaking and heart warming at the same time !! Those who found it beautiful can go for Hillary Swank's 2010 movie **Conviction** as their next choice of another heartwarming 'eye treat' !

id : 590b2d719251414fa10151c3
Filipe Manuel Dias Neto

**A low-key, much-forgotten but well-executed film.** This movie is totally forgotten these days. Well, actually, if you're not native or very close to Ireland, I think the very existence and action of the IRA seems like something that ended many years ago, and it doesn't. It was a recent thing, and it still has marks on people and society. The film focuses, in particular, on the case of the “Guildford Four” and the “Maguire Seven”, which was a group of people who were accused of a bomb attack and of collaborating with the IRA, later proving to be if they were all innocent. The acquittal, however, came too late for the family patriarch, who died in prison. The accused were, almost all, related to each other, family or friendship. I don't know the facts very well, although I did read something about the attack and the real case the film was based on, in order to better prepare myself to understand the film and be able to talk about it. As far as I can tell, the film obviously took a lot of liberties to make the story more appealing and dramatic, but nothing that is shockingly out of line with what happened. Daniel Day Lewis was still relatively young here, but he was already showing signs of great talent. He is a focused actor and very responsible with his work, who dedicates himself to what he does and commits himself to the character. And we can see how he adapts to the character, and makes it real and believable and human. I also really enjoyed Pete Postlethwaite's work. I think it's particularly notable the way he allowed himself to age in order to play an older, physically impaired character. Technically, the film is very worthy in its effort to portray the ordeal to which the convicts were subjected, and it does so in a very convincing and credible way. The choice of sets, filming locations and costumes contribute a lot to this. The film works very well on the environment and psyche of the characters, resulting in a dense drama, which may not please those who want a lighter film, but which works very well. The opening credits were well-introduced, even though I don't like the theme song.

id : 637b563d336e0100d9791839

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