Total Recall

Construction worker Douglas Quaid's obsession with the planet Mars leads him to visit Recall, a company who manufacture memories. Something goes wrong during his memory implant turning Doug's life upside down and even to question what is reality and what isn't.

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven Vic Armstrong Trudy Ramirez Efren del Moral Miguel Lima
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction,
Production Company: Carolco Pictures, TriStar Pictures,

Total Recall - They stole his mind, now he wants it back. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 01-06-1990
  • Runtime: 113 Minutes
  • Popularity: 22.18
  • Vote Count: 4,379
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3
  • Budget: USD 65,000,000
  • Revenue: USD 261,317,921
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Azwaad Movie Database Arnold Schwarzenegger Douglas Quaid / Hauser
Rachel Ticotin - Azwaad Movie Database Rachel Ticotin Melina
Sharon Stone - Azwaad Movie Database Sharon Stone Lori
Ronny Cox - Azwaad Movie Database Ronny Cox Vilos Cohaagen
Michael Ironside - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Ironside Richter
Marshall Bell - Azwaad Movie Database Marshall Bell George / Kuato
Mel Johnson Jr. - Azwaad Movie Database Mel Johnson Jr. Benny
Michael Champion - Azwaad Movie Database Michael Champion Helm
Roy Brocksmith - Azwaad Movie Database Roy Brocksmith Dr. Edgemar
Ray Baker - Azwaad Movie Database Ray Baker Bob McClane
Photo Name Department
Philip K. Dick-Writing Philip K. Dick Writing (Author)
Mike Fenton-Production Mike Fenton Production (Casting)
Valorie Massalas-Production Valorie Massalas Production (Casting)
Judy Taylor-Production Judy Taylor Production (Casting)
Jerry Goldsmith-Sound Jerry Goldsmith Sound (Original Music Composer)
Jerry Goldsmith-Sound Jerry Goldsmith Sound (Conductor)
Jon Povill-Writing Jon Povill Writing (Screenstory)
Mario Kassar-Production Mario Kassar Production (Executive Producer)
Mario Kassar-Crew Mario Kassar Crew (Presenter)
Jeff Dawn-Costume & Make-Up Jeff Dawn Costume & Make-Up (Makeup Department Head)

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Intrinsically Verhoeven, _Total Recall_ is a film from my youth that I probably shouldn't have been watching quite as early as I did, but that I still love to this day. All the practical effects, exquisite violence & nudity and provocative sci-fi themes you've come to expect from this sort of thing, but twists and turns that start just five minutes in and keep running all the way through to the end. _Total Recall_ is a must-see. _Final rating:★★★★ - Very strong appeal. A personal favourite._

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John Chard

Verhoeven bonkers adaptation of a P. K. Dick story. Doug Quaid keeps getting recurring dreams about a visit to Mars. In spite of his friends warnings, he decides to have a memory implanted Mars holiday. But during the implantation he remembers being a secret agent who is fighting evil Mars boss Vilos Cohaagen. Things are about to go very intergalactic bonkers indeed. Total Recall finds director Paul Verhoeven on particularly OTT form, with the often maligned director cranking up the action and violence to the max. So then, who better to play out the carnage than the big Austrian oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger? It was actually Schwarzenegger who brought Verhoeven into the picture. The idea for the film had been kicking around for years, a number of director's came and went, David Cronenberg famously worked on a screenplay for a year only to have it jettisoned for being too close to the P. K. Dick short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale". The makers wanted a high energy sci-fi blockbuster, a star vehicle for Schwarzenegger, and Verhoeven was only too happy to oblige. Total Recall is a fascinating concept as we find ourselves wondering what in fact is reality? Quaid himself is never quite sure as the film takes a delicious twist at the midpoint to further compound the confusion, but in true Verhoeven style, it all comes crashing together in a giant ball of bangs, crashes and explosions. It should be noted that the film is far removed from the cerebral essence of Dick's story, and really when one saw that Schwarzenegger was to star in a Verhoeven directed adaptation, one really should be prepared for the high octane brain dumb down that Total Recall is. Something which was beyond some highbrow critics who are still baffled by the gargantuan financial success of the film (it made over $260 million worldwide). Fleshing out the cast are a stoic reliable bunch. Rachael Ticotin, Ronny Cox, Sharon Stone & Michael Ironside deliver the expected tongue in cheek professionalism. While the effects prove to be a mixture of the poor and the decent; tho it's nice to see the often lost art of model work being of a pretty high standard. All of which leaves me personally with a film that I find to be a hugely enjoyable piece of uber violent popcorn fodder. 8/10

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