Dog Day Afternoon

Based on the true story of would-be Brooklyn bank robbers John Wojtowicz and Salvatore Naturale. Sonny and Sal attempt a bank heist which quickly turns sour and escalates into a hostage situation and stand-off with the police. As Sonny's motives for the robbery are slowly revealed and things become more complicated, the heist turns into a media circus.

Directed by: Burtt Harris Sidney Lumet B.J. Bjorkman Alan Hopkins
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Production Company: Artists Entertainment Complex, Warner Bros. Pictures,

Dog Day Afternoon - Anything can happen during the dog days of summer. On August 22nd, 1972, everything did. - Azwaad Movie Database
  • Release Date: 21-09-1975
  • Runtime: 125 Minutes
  • Popularity: 15.36
  • Vote Count: 1,782
  • IMDB Rating: 7.8
  • Budget: USD 1,800,000
  • Revenue: USD 46,665,856
  • Region: United States of America ( US ),
  • Homepage: N/A

Photo Name Character
Al Pacino - Azwaad Movie Database Al Pacino Sonny Wortzik
John Cazale - Azwaad Movie Database John Cazale Salvatore 'Sal' Naturile
Charles Durning - Azwaad Movie Database Charles Durning Det. Sgt. Eugene Moretti
Chris Sarandon - Azwaad Movie Database Chris Sarandon Leon Shermer
James Broderick - Azwaad Movie Database James Broderick Agent Sheldon
William Bogert - Azwaad Movie Database William Bogert TV Anchorman
Penelope Allen - Azwaad Movie Database Penelope Allen Sylvia 'Mouth'
Sully Boyar - Azwaad Movie Database Sully Boyar Mulvaney
Beulah Garrick - Azwaad Movie Database Beulah Garrick Margaret
Carol Kane - Azwaad Movie Database Carol Kane Jenny 'The Squirrel'
Photo Name Department
Martin Bregman-Production Martin Bregman Production (Producer)
Burtt Harris-Directing Burtt Harris Directing (Assistant Director)
Robert Greenhut-Production Robert Greenhut Production (Producer)
Fred Schuler-Camera Fred Schuler Camera (Camera Operator)
Sidney Lumet-Directing Sidney Lumet Directing (Director)
Dede Allen-Editing Dede Allen Editing (Editor)
Anna Hill Johnstone-Costume & Make-Up Anna Hill Johnstone Costume & Make-Up (Costume Design)
Jack Fitzstephens-Sound Jack Fitzstephens Sound (Sound Editor)
Michael Chinich-Production Michael Chinich Production (Casting)
Philip Leto-Costume & Make-Up Philip Leto Costume & Make-Up (Hairstylist)

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Recently I have gotten on kicks for both watching and appreciating the works of director Sidney Lumet and the classic (i.e., 70's) performances of Al Pacino. Thus I came across this film, which I had on DVD forever. It'll interesting to watch the recent documentary on the character Pacino portrays, 'The Dog'--just found out about it earlier today. I loved Lumet's films he made before this that I've seen--'12 Angry Men', 'The Fugitive Kind', 'The Hill', 'The Anderson Tapes' and 'Murder on the Orient Express'--and he's superb at getting the gradual self-destruction of his characters that just seethes through the screen. At this point, Pacino could do no wrong in his work--he had that firm grasp on his immense talent and just what he needed from it to do remarkable work, some of the finest characterizations in contemporary cinema. Do both he and yourself a favour and don't bother with anything he's made since 'Heat'.

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