Gamil Ratib

Gamil Ratib

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 18-08-1926
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
  • Also Known As:

    جميل راتب
    Gamil Rateb

  • Popularity: 2.66
  • Homepage: N/A

Born Gameel Abu-Bakr Raateb (November 1928 – Cairo) is an Egyptian actor. In 1940s, Gameel first appeared in the film “Al-forsaan al-thalaatha i.e. The three musketeers”, his family refused the idea and his scenes were removed. Raateb traveled to Paris to study Law and Economy, yet he preferred studying Theatre and appeared in Shakespeare’s “Much ado without nothing (1947)”. To provide living expenses, Gameel worked in small jobs besides acting and then became a notable member of the “Comédie Française”. American filmmaker Carol Reed presented Gameel Raateb in “Trapeze (1956)” along with Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis and Gina Lollobrigida. Gameel also showed in many TV series like; “Rehlat al-million i.e. The journey to be a millionaire” and “Sonbol ba’d al-million i.e. Sonbol..a millionaire”. He played the villain his unique way and excelled in authoritarian and aristocrat roles especially with Faaten Hamaama in “Hekaaya waraa koll baab i.e. A story behind every door”.

Year Movie Character
1991 Poussière de diamant
1976 The Advice of a Wise Man in Matters of the Village and Education as Commentary
2004 La Danse Éternelle as Saïd
1990 The Lorry
2012 Un nuage dans un verre d'eau as Monsieur Noun
2001 The Magician
2018 Yesterday as Virgile
1986 The Beginning
1980 Shaaban Taht El Sifr
1986 Kwaml's House as فهمي
2014 Shams as نور
1975 Whom Should We Shoot? as Rushdy
2008 The Aquarium as Youssef's Father
1996 A Summer in La Goulette as Hadj Beji
2001 Love Trip as Ezz Bec
1988 The Third Class as عوف
1983 Love in a Jail Cell
1978 A woman in my blood
1995 Jusqu'au bout de la nuit
1979 No Consolation For Women
1986 Fearful Embraces
1977 كفاني يا قلب as راشد
1985 Adieu Bonaparte as Barthélémy
1999 Night of Destiny
1987 Time Conqueror
1972 Take Care of Zuzu
1997 Wanees' Family
1985 El Keif
1979 A Tale Behind Every Door as Engineer Ahmed Seif El-Din
1981 العرافة
1979 Afraid of Something as Riyad Kamel
1990 The Three Fools
1980 عروس البحر
1983 Enahum yasriqun al aranib
1998 Gamal Abdel Nasser
1990 الاغبياء الثلاثه as Ahmed
1978 Up the Precepice
1986 The Innocent as Dr. Ali Khalefa
1964 OSS 117: Panic in Bangkok as Akhom
1995 Toyour El Zalam
1968 Young Wolves as Prince Linzani
1992 The Lady from Cairo
1996 The Asphalt Kings
1993 La fortune de Gaspard as Féréor
1985 Ali Beh Mazhar and 40 Thieves
1983 Harbour Beasts
1961 La mort de Pompée
1978 Shafiqa and Metwally
2007 Taimour & Shafi'aa
1982 The North Star as Nemrod Lobetoum
2000 Stand-by as Doctor
1961 Deuxième bureau contre terroristes as Igorian
1967 Réseau secret as Ben Salem
1995 Love Is Crazy in the Summer
1972 L'Atlantide as Ben Cheikh
2007 First Time in Love
1990 The Serpent of Death as Omar
1996 Still Waters Run Deep as Monsieur Lambert
1976 بيت بلا حنان
2008 The Baby Doll Night
2004 Men Nazret Ein
1967 To Commit a Murder as Belloum
1962 Lawrence of Arabia as Majid
2010 Turk's Head as Aram
1956 Trapeze as Stefan
1947 The Lovers of the Pont Saint-Jean
1964 Male Companion as Le maharadjah (uncredited)
1948 Monelle as Un spectateur au concert (uncredited)

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