Steven Bauer

Steven Bauer

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 02-12-1956
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Havana - Cuba
  • Also Known As:

    Rocky Echevarría
    Rocky Echevarría

  • Popularity: 1.55
  • Homepage: N/A

Steven Bauer (born December 2, 1956) is a Cuban-American actor. He is known for his role as Manny Ribera in the 1983 film Scarface, and his role on the bilingual PBS show Que Pasa, USA.

Year Movie Character
2011 Fast Lane as Lt. Baynes
2007 Planet Raptor as Captain Mace Carter
1986 Sword of Gideon as Avner
1984 Thief of Hearts as Scott Muller
1994 Stranger by Night as Bobby Corcoran
2006 Ladrones y mentirosos as Oscar
1994 Terminal Voyage as Reese
2012 Cubamerican as Himself
2012 Sins as Williams
1992 Drive Like Lightning
1991 Sweet Poison as Bobby
1993 Snapdragon as Dr. David 'Doc' Hoogstraten
2016 Restored Me as Armando
1983 Scarface as Manny Ribera
1989 Gleaming the Cube as Al Lucero
2009 From Mexico With Love as Tito
2005 Pit Fighter as Manolo
2010 A Numbers Game as Neal Black
2010 Bulletface as Ned Walker
2010 Special Ops as Caine
2004 Raptor Island as Azir
2003 Nola as Leo
2013 Counterpunch as Tomas
2011 Pimp Bullies as Mr. watson
2007 Dead Lenny as Lenny Long
1988 Wildfire as Frank
1997 Star Portal as Dr. Ray Brady
1994 Improper Conduct as Sam
1996 Navajo Blues as Nick Epps / John Cole
1992 Raising Cain as Jack Dante
1988 The Beast of War as Khan Taj
1986 Running Scared as Det. Frank Sigliano
2010 One in the Gun as Arthur
1997 Plato's Run as Sam
2013 Garbage as Steven
2013 Chavez Cage of Glory as Jose
2016 Gothic Assassins Redux as VOX
2002 Glory Glory as Jack
1991 False Arrest as Det. Dan Ryan
2014 Awakened as Lucas Drake
1995 Body Count as Vinnie Rizzo
2015 Sweet Lorraine as Lou
1991 A Climate for Killing as Paul McGraw
2012 For the Love of Money as Hector
1998 Naked Lies as Kevin Dowd
2008 Mutants as Santiago
1995 Wild Side as Tony
1994 Woman of Desire as Jonathan Ashby / Ted Ashby
2013 Five Thirteen as Esteban
2013 Real Gangsters as Big Nick Salens
2015 Promises as Detective Stevens
2001 The Learning Curve as Mark
2018 Andover as Father Gregory
2011 Driving by Braille as Rudolf Corso
2010 Raven as William
1999 Kickboxing Academy as Carl
1982 An Innocent Love as Duncan Widders (as Rocky Bauer)
1998 The Versace Murder as FBI Agent John Jacoby
2010 Zenitram as Frank Ramírez
2012 A Dark Truth as Tony Green
1997 Sisters and Other Strangers as Anthony Quintana
1993 Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare as The Man / Michael
2017 Avenge the Crows as Ronaldo
2012 Suicide Dolls as Hank
1987 Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Natica Jackson as Tony Montoya
2010 Enemies Among Us as Senator Edmonds
1997 The Blackout as Mickey's Studio Actor
2016 JL Family Ranch as Hector
2009 Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia as General Manuel Valez
2010 Shadows in Paradise as Agent Stubbs
2002 Malevolent as Greg Pruitt
2012 Werewolf: The Beast Among Us as Hyde
1970 Women Is Losers as Don Juan
2006 The Feast of the Goat as Juan José Viñas
1996 Primal Fear as Joey Pinero
2003 Masked and Anonymous as Edgar
2014 The Lookalike as Frank
2001 Boss of Bosses as Vito Genovese
2000 For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story as Angel
2000 Rave as Antonio
2005 The Lost City as kapitán Castel
1981 She's in the Army Now as Nick Donato
2020 Deported as INS Agent
2011 Goldberg - P.I. as Mr. Lincoln
2014 Beyond the Game
1983 Valley Girl as Guy in Pink Shirt
1984 Body Double as Assitant Director (Holly Does Hollywood) (uncredited)
2000 Traffic as Carlos Ayala

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