Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 12-08-1956
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Noranda, Québec, Canada
  • Also Known As:

    Брюс Гринвуд
    Stuart Bruce Greenwood

  • Popularity: 14.69
  • Homepage: N/A

Stuart Bruce Greenwood (born August 12, 1956) is a Canadian actor and producer. He is known for his role as the American president John F. Kennedy in Thirteen Days, for which he won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, and as Captain Christopher Pike in J.J. Abrams's Star Trek movie reboot series. He has been nominated for three Canadian Screen Awards, once for Best Actor (for Elephant Song) and twice for Best Supporting Actor (for The Sweet Hereafter and Being Julia). He is known for his roles as Nick Parsons in Double Jeopardy, Stuart Ramsey in Passenger 57, Bob Andrews in Father's Day, Earl Cavanaugh in Here on Earth, National Security Advisor Bill Sokal in Rules of Engagement, JFK in Thirteen Days, Anthony 'Tony' Leighton in Swept Away, Cmdr. Robert Iverson in The Core; Lt. Bennie Macko in Hollywood Homicide, Lawrence Robertson in I, Robot, Lord Charles in Being Julia, Nolan Walsh in Racing Stripes, Jack Dunphy (Truman Capote's lover) in Capote; Hugh Sullivan in The Mermaid Chair, Professor Davis McClaren in Eight Below, Jack McCready in Deja Vu, Keenan Jones / Garrett in I'm Not There, the President in National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Christopher Pike in Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, George McCray in A Dog Named Christmas, Lance Fender in Dinner for Schmucks, Stephen Meek in Meek's Cutoff, Cooper in Super 8, Bill Kill Cullen in The Place Beyond the Pines, Charlie Anderson in Flight, Hugh Butterfield in Endless Love, Vince in The Captive, Andrew Heyward in Truth (2015), Dr. Jake Houseman in the TV movie version of Dirty Dancing (2017), Uncle Dean in Kodachrome, the US President in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Gerald in Gerald's Game, Robert McNamara in The Post, and Dr. John Dalton in Doctor Sleep. His best known TV roles are as Dr. Randolph Bell on The Resident, Gil Garcetti on American Crime Story, Emmet Cole on The River, Mitch Yost on John from Cincinnati, Dr. Nathan Bradford on Sleepwalkers, Thomas Veil on Nowhere Man, Jack Gage on Legmen, Pierce Lawton on Knot's Landing, and Dr. Seth Griffin on St. Elsewhere. He has voiced Bruce Wayne / Batman in the animated series Young Justice and in several Batman cartoon videos, and voiced Chiron in the animated series Class Titans.

Year Movie Character
1994 Exotica as Francis
2009 A Dog Named Christmas as George McCray
2005 Mee-Shee: The Water Giant as Sean Cambell
2008 Cyborg Soldier as Simon Hart
2004 American Meltdown as Agent Tom Shea
2004 The Republic Of Love as Tom Avery
2004 The Riverman as Robert Keppel
2013 And Now a Word from Our Sponsor as Adan Kundle
1989 Spy as Richard Berk
1990 Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys as Dennis Wilson
1999 The Soul Collector as Zacariah
1991 Servants of Twilight as Charlie Harrison
2015 Wildlike as Rene Bartlett
2014 Elephant Song as Dr. Toby Green
2011 Cell 213 as Warden
1991 The Great Pretender as Earle Brattigan
1986 The Climb as Hermann Buhl
1989 Another Chance as John Ripley
2010 Batman: Under the Red Hood as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
2018 Batman: Gotham by Gaslight as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
2005 Saving Milly as Mort Kondracke
2020 Batman: Death in the Family as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
1991 Perfect Crimes as Faulkner
2020 Spark: A Systemic Racism Story as Narrator (voice)
2004 The Life as Arnie
1987 Destination: America as Corbet St. James V
2007 Firehouse Dog as Connor Fahey
1986 The Malibu Bikini Shop as Todd
1988 In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders as Agent Jerry Dove
2000 Thirteen Days as John F. Kennedy
2006 Eight Below as Davis McClaren
2002 Below as Brice
1995 Dream Man as Tom Cavanaugh
2010 Meek's Cutoff as Stephen Meek
1990 The Little Kidnappers as Willem Hooft
2002 The Magnificent Ambersons as Eugene Morgan
1994 Treacherous Beauties as Jason Hollister
1994 Bitter Vengeance as Jack Westford
1994 The Companion as Geoffrey
2013 The Challenger as General Kutyna
1997 Tell Me No Secrets as Don Shaw
1993 Woman on Trial: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story as Fred Schultz
2017 Gerald's Game as Gerald
2018 Sorry For Your Loss as Jeff
1997 The Absolute Truth as Jake Slaughter
2020 Lie Exposed as Frank
2015 Rehearsal as Turner Horatio Longfellow
1999 Double Jeopardy as Nick Parsons
2005 Racing Stripes as Nolan Walsh
2000 Hide and Seek as Jack
2002 Swept Away as Anthony 'Tony' Leighton
2006 The Mermaid Chair as Hugh Sullivan
1995 Mixed Blessings as Andy Douglas
2011 Donovan's Echo as Finnley
1999 The Color of Courage as Benjamin Sipes
2010 The Captains of The Final Frontier as Self
2014 Endless Love as Hugh Butterfield
1993 Adrift as Nick Terrio
1995 Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge as Larry Strickland
2015 Bob's Broken Sleigh as Fishface (voice)
1994 Paint Cans as Vittorio Musso
2010 A First Look at Batman: Under the Red Hood as Self
2003 Hollywood Homicide as Lt. Bennie Macko
1998 Disturbing Behavior as Dr. Edgar Caldicott
2005 Capote as Jack Dunphy
1994 Heart of a Child as Fred Schouten
1985 Striker's Mountain as Paul Striker
2017 Kodachrome as Uncle Dean
2004 Being Julia as Lord Charles
2005 The World's Fastest Indian as Jerry
2004 I, Robot as Lawrence Robertson
2000 Rules of Engagement as National Security Advisor Bill Sokal
1992 Passenger 57 as Stuart Ramsey
1989 Wild Orchid as Jerome McFarland
2009 Mao's Last Dancer as Ben Stevenson
2009 Star Trek as Christopher Pike
2012 Flight as Charlie Anderson
1995 Dazzle as Casey Nelson
2009 Starz Inside - Unforgettably Evil as Self
2015 Good Kill as Lieutenant Colonel Jack Johns
2015 Truth as Andrew Heyward
2017 Dirty Dancing as Dr. Jake Houseman
2000 Here on Earth as Earl Cavanaugh
1989 Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin as Stewart Horton
2016 Spectral as General Orland
1993 Rio Diablo as Jervis Walker
1997 Fathers' Day as Bob Andrews
2015 Fathers and Daughters as William
2010 Dinner for Schmucks as Lance Fender
2017 The Post as Robert McNamara
2010 Barney's Version as Blair
1999 The Lost Son as Friedman
2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets as USA President
2006 Déjà Vu as Jack McCready
2003 The Core as Cmdr. Robert Iverson
2013 The Place Beyond the Pines as Bill Killcullen
2014 The Captive as Vince
2016 Gold as Mark Hancock
2007 I'm Not There as Keenan Jones / Garrett
2013 Star Trek Into Darkness as Christopher Pike
2013 Devil's Knot as Judge David Burnett
2011 Super 8 as Cooper
2017 Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House as Sandy Smith
2001 Haven as Myles Billingsley
1979 Bear Island as Technician (Tommy)
1997 The Sweet Hereafter as Billy Ansel
2012 For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada as Ambassador Dwight Morrow
2017 Kingsman: The Golden Circle as President of the United States
2002 Ararat as Clarence Ussher / Martin
2009 Mao's Last Dancer
2019 Doctor Sleep as Dr. John Dalton
1982 First Blood as Guardsman #5
1999 Thick as Thieves as Bo
2004 The Republic Of Love
2011 Donovan's Echo
Photo Name Department
1986 Matlock (2 episode) as Mitchell Gordon
2005 Class of the Titans (11 episode) as Chiron (voice)
1979 Knots Landing (22 episode) as Pierce Lawton
1997 Sleepwalkers (9 episode) as Dr. Nathan Bradford
1987 Jake and the Fatman (1 episode) as Carson Warfield
1983 The Hitchhiker (1 episode) as Jeff Boder
1995 Nowhere Man (25 episode) as Thomas Veil
1984 Jessie (2 episode) as Det. Roy Moss
2008 The Summit (2 episode) as Richard Adderly
2012 The River (8 episode) as Emmet Cole
1982 St. Elsewhere (45 episode) as Seth Griffin
2007 John from Cincinnati (10 episode) as Mitch Yost
1991 Veronica Clare (1 episode) as Lieutenant Gil Reed
1984 Legmen (8 episode) as Jack Gage
2010 Young Justice (19 episode) as Batman (voice)
2007 Mad Men (2 episode) as Richard
2016 American Crime Story (10 episode) as Gil Garcetti
1985 Danger Bay (1 episode) as Sam Hayes
2018 The Resident (107 episode) as Randolph Bell
1989 Twist of Fate (2 episode) as Daniel Grossman
2005 American Dad! (1 episode) as Navy Captain (voice)
2020 I Know This Much Is True (2 episode) as Dr. Hume
1994 Hardball (2 episode) as Dave Logan
2015 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (1 episode) as Bill Martinson
2019 Jett (2 episode) as Mr. Carlyle
2010 Young Justice (2 episode) as Bruce Wayne (voice)
2010 Young Justice (2 episode) as Batman / Wotan (voice)
2010 Young Justice (1 episode) as Batman / Pieter Cross (voice)
2010 Young Justice (1 episode) as Batman / Rumaan Harjavti (voice)
2010 Young Justice (1 episode) as Batman / Eduardo Dorado Sr. (voice)
2010 Young Justice (3 episode) as Eduardo Dorado, Sr. (voice)
2010 Young Justice (1 episode) as Bruce Wayne / Batman / Markovian Citizen (voice)
2021 The Eisen Hour (1 episode) as Self - Guest
2010 Young Justice (1 episode) as Batman / Viktor Markov (voice)
2010 Young Justice (1 episode) as Eduardo Dorado, Sr. / Matthew Malone / Batman (voice)
1970 The Fall of the House of Usher (1 episode) as Roderick Usher
1980 Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (3 episode) as Bob Grangerford

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