Kad Merad

Kad Merad

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 27-03-1964
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
  • Also Known As:

    Kadour Merad

  • Popularity: 2.99
  • Homepage: N/A

Kad Merad is a French-Algerian filmmaker and actor who has acted both on stage and on screen. Kad Merad was born in Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria, on March 27, 1964 to an Algerian father and a French mother. During his teens, he played drums and sang with various rock bands. Soon afterwards, he started playing as an animator in Club Med alongside the Gigolo Brothers troop. In 1990, he was hired by Ouï FM, the Paris Rock genre station where he met Olivier Baroux. The duet most known as Kad & Olivier began working together and started their own show, the Rock'n Roll Circus, introducing some of their most famous sketches (Pamela Rose, Teddy Porc Fidèle...). The early success of the show allowed them to meet Jean-Luc Delarue who brought their act to TV. In 1999, they began appearing on the French Satellite TV channel Comédie+ on their own show, La Grosse Emission. At the same time, Merad started his Cinema career with a lot of secondary roles. In 2003, he scored his First box-office success with Mais Qui a tué Pamela Rose?, co-written with Baroux. In 2007, Kad received the César Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Je vais Bien, ne t'en fais pas! and appears in AaRON's film soundtrack video clip. His best challenger was Dany Boon. During the shooting of Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, this friendly struggle was a running joke between the two of them. That same year, he made his first appearance with Les Enfoirés music troop and is still one of its members. He was also inducted as the Godfather of the Telethon. The next year, he starred as Phillipe Abrams in the French movie Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. The film was a surprise - and phenomenal - success in France and Europe, becoming the best-attended movie ever made in France, with 21 million moviegoers.

Year Movie Character
2003 Bullit & Riper as Richard Bullit
2006 J'invente rien as Paul
2008 Welcome to the Sticks as Philippe Abrams
2009 RTT as Arthur Lepage
2006 A Ticket to Space as Cardoux
2008 My Stars as Robert Pelage
2009 Safari as Richard Dacier
2010 Protect and Serve as Michel Boudriau
2011 Monsieur Papa as Robert Pique
2007 Pur week-end as Frédéric Alvaro
2001 Kad et Olivier vous font montrer... Le Gros DVD
2012 Superstar as Martin Kazinski
2012 Guerre d'Algerie - La déchirure as La narrateur
2012 Bullit & Ripper as Richard Bullit
2015 On voulait tout casser as Kiki
2016 Marseille as Paolo
2007 Kad et Olivier - Antotologie as Himself
2010 The Italian as Dino/Mourad
2017 Orchestra Class as Simon Daoud
2018 Looking for Teddy as Michel
2006 Don't Worry, I'm Fine as Paul Tellier
2011 The Well Digger's Daughter as Félipe
2006 Les Irréductibles as Gérard
2003 Kad et Olivier - Le Meilleur de Kad et Olivier
2011 Les Enfoirés 2011 - Dans l'oeil des Enfoirés
2001 The Strategy of Failure as M. Golden
2002 Bloody Christmas
2013 The Big Bad Wolf as Louis
2014 Superchondriac as Dr Dimitri Zvenka
2003 Qui a tué Pamela Rose (la série) as Bullit
2014 Nicholas on Holiday as Le père de Nicolas
2015 Bis as Patrice
2014 Bangkok, We Have A Problem! as Serge Renart
2015 Disparue en hiver as Daniel
2004 Kad et Olivier - La traversée de l'Atlantique en solitaire à 2 as Kad Merad
2018 Dad Friend as Stéphane
2019 Just a Gigolo as Alex
2019 A Wolf's Journey as himself- narrateur
2020 Une belle équipe as Marco
2019 Inside Suspicion as Thomas Kertez (aka Antoine Durieux-Jelosse)
2021 The Big Hit
2005 Community Property as Martin
2004 The Chorus as Chabert
2009 Little Nicholas as Le père de Nicolas
2008 Paris 36 as Jacky
2007 Tonight I'll Sleep at Yours as Jacques
2007 In Mom's Head as Jacques Charlot
2013 It Happened in Saint-Tropez as Roni Melkowich
2007 3 amis as Baptiste 'Titi' Capla
2018 Comme des rois as Joseph
2018 Brillantissime as Dr Steinman
1970 Jeu de vilains as Monsieur Tosca
2019 Les Enfoirés jouent le jeu
2002 The Tombs as Gustave
2007 Could This Be Love? as Rachid
2006 Essaye-moi as Vincent
2012 JC Comme Jésus Christ as star
2006 Beyond the Ocean as Oncle Tango
2019 Ce soir, c'est Palmashow
2003 The Pharmacist as le médecin légiste
2003 Don't Worry, Be Happy
2010 22 Bullets as Tony Zacchia
2001 La Grande vie ! as Le motard
2015 The Parisian Bitch as Himself
2015 Gad Elmaleh - 20 ans de scène ! as Himself
2011 War of the Buttons as Père Lebrac
2004 Lucky Luke and the Daltons as Le Mexicain Cellule
2016 La Folle Soirée du Palmashow 3
2017 Alibi.com as Mr. Godet
2016 Max & Leon as L'acteur à la télévision anglaise
2017 Les Enfoirés 2017 - Mission Enfoirés as Lui-même
2015 Les Enfoirés 2015 - Sur la route des Enfoirés as Enfoiré
2018 Les Enfoirés 2018 - Musique !
2014 Les Enfoirés 2014 - Bon anniversaire Les Enfoirés
2016 Les Enfoirés 2016 - Au rendez-vous des Enfoirés
2020 Les Enfoirés 2020 - Le Pari(s) des Enfoirés
2019 Les Enfoirés 2019 - Le monde des Enfoirés
2018 Family Is Family as Himself
2011 Monsieur Papa
2001 Kad et Olivier vous font montrer... Le Gros DVD
2012 Bullit & Ripper
2016 Marseille
2007 Kad et Olivier - Antotologie
2003 Bullit & Riper
2006 A Ticket to Space
2019 Just a Gigolo
2016 Marseille
2016 Marseille
2016 Marseille

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