Philippe Leroy

Philippe Leroy

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 15-10-1930
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Also Known As:

    Philippe Leroy Beaulieu
    Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu

  • Popularity: 3.06
  • Homepage: N/A

Philippe Leroy, full name Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu (born 15 October 1930, Paris, France) is a French film actor. He has appeared in over 150 films since 1960. Leroy has been living mostly in Italy since the 1960s and has worked extensively in Italian cinema, as well as in his native country. He is sometimes credited under his full name. His daughter is the actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. Description above from the Wikipedia article Philippe Leroy, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

Year Movie Character
1966 Yankee as Yankee
1969 Without Knowing Anything About Her as Nanni Brà
1967 The Wild Eye as Paolo
1965 Seven Golden Men as Albert (le professeur)
1966 Seven Golden Men Strike Again as Albert (le professeur)
1969 Ecce Homo - I Sopravvissuti as Jean
1971 Cross Current as Marco Breda
1966 Delitto quasi perfetto
1969 How, When, and with Whom as Marco
1974 La svergognata as Fabio Lorenzi
1979 The Fantastic Tales of Edgar Allan Poe as Roderick Usher
1981 Bello di mamma as Duca William Trinacria
1976 Stream Line as Padre di Giacomino
1964 Una storia di notte as Jimmy
1976 Puttana galera! as Col. Remy
2009 The Bee and the Wind as Giulio
1971 Devil's Ransom as Gilbert
1994 Cherche famille désespérément as Edward
1983 State buoni se potete as Ignazio di Loyola
1965 The Mandrake as Calimaco
1969 The Laughing Woman as Dr. Sayer
1974 Forbidden Passion as Ignacio
1962 La Loi des hommes as Dandrieu
1973 The Bloody Hands of the Law as Commissario Gianni De Carmine
1971 Roma bene as Giorgio Santi
2011 La Strada Di Paolo as Lucio
1971 Stanza 17-17 palazzo delle tasse, ufficio imposte as Romolo "Sartana" Moretti
1963 The Terrorist as Rodolfo Boscovich
1961 The Fruit Is Ripe as Armand
1961 Leoni al sole as Mimí
1978 Last Angels as Massimo
1980 The Women of Quiet Country as Guido Maldini
1966 Non faccio la guerra, faccio l'amore as Nicola
1977 The Tiger Is Still Alive: Sandokan to the Rescue as Yanez de Gomera
1970 Mr. Superinvisible
1975 Intimate Relations as Franco
2000 Un giudice di rispetto
1966 Che notte, ragazzi! as Tony
1966 Lo scandalo as Dario
1967 Night Is Made for Stealing as George
1986 Incidente di percorso
1990 The Austrian as D'Estaing
1974 The Night Porter as Klaus
1964 The Married Woman as Pierre, the Husband
1964 The Castle of the Living Dead as Eric
1960 Le Trou as Manu Borelli
1974 Kidnap as The Professor
2010 Vorrei averti qui as Paccotto
1965 A Maiden for the Prince as Ippolito
1981 The Tango of Jealousy as principe Giulio Lovanelli
1979 Courage fuyons as Chalamond
1969 Mother's Heart as Andrea Franti
1963 The Attic as Tommaso
1977 A Man Called Blade as McGowan
1964 Weeping for a Bandit as Pedro Sánchez
1972 Hector the Mighty as Ettore
1984 Windsurf - Il vento nelle mani as Lupo
1980 The Medium
1985 Baciami Strega
1964 Easy Love as Giovanni Bollati (segment "Il vedovo bianco")
1962 Alone Against Rome as Silla
1984 Der Mörder as Baron
2008 Blood of the Losers as Umberto Dogliani
1988 See You
2004 Caliber 9: Documentary as Himself
1973 Gang War in Milan as Roger Daverty
1973 Long Lasting Days as Philippe
1975 Libera, My Love as Franco Testa
1964 Summer Frenzy as Manolo
1962 Careless as Stefano Balli
1969 His Day of Glory as The Commander
2017 Who Will Save The Roses? as Eugenio
2019 La notte è piccola per noi
2003 Valentine as Jacques
1964 Le ore nude as Massimo
1986 The Ferrywoman as Primo
1995 Io e il re
2002 Un maresciallo in gondola as Armand Dupont
2004 The Giraffe's Neck as Maxime
1988 Don Bosco as Papa Leone XIII
1964 Love and Marriage as (segment "Sabato 18 luglio")
1961 Seduction Of The South as O Zelluso
1962 The Fourth Sex as Paul
1990 Comprarsi la vita as Doctor
1992 Adelaide as Koller
1977 That Strange Desire to Love as Priest
2009 Nient'altro che noi as Maestro di violino
2007 The Mother of Tears as Guglielmo De Witt
2000 Teste di cocco as Yanez
1961 Manhunt
2018 Hotel Gagarin as Virgil
1986 A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later as Professeur Thévenin
1970 2 Engel mit 4 Fäusten - Das Geheimnis der fünf Kirchen
1995 Moses as Tuntmin
1978 Covert Action as Greek Inspector
1987 Montecarlo Gran Casinò as Duroc
1992 The Final Contract
1964 White Voices as Don Ascanio
1972 Naked Girl Killed in the Park as Martin
2005 St. Peter as Gamaliele
1972 Caliber 9 as Chino
2001 Vajont as Giorgio dal Piaz
1985 The Berlin Affair as Herbert Gessler
1973 The Black Hand as The Professor
2017 It's All About Karma as Ludovico Sterne
1992 Circle of Fear as Police Chief
1977 The Cat as Don Pezzolla, the priest
1991 Netchaïev est de retour as Luiz Perez
2003 Five Moons Plaza as Barista
1976 Soldier of Fortune as Charles La Motte
1992 The Return of Casanova as Emissary
1963 55 Days at Peking as Julliard
1961 Spotlight on a Murderer as André
1994 Mario and the Magician as Graziano
1964 Il treno del sabato as Paolo Traversi
1993 Berlin '39 as Rostock
1980 Give Me Five as Pope
2008 La rabbia as Nonno
1973 Nothing to Report as Commandant Lecoq
1965 The Possessed as Mario
2017 Una gita a Roma as Jean
1977 Beyond Good and Evil as Peter Gast
1968 The Libertine as Istruttore di tennis
1968 Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell as Vittorio
1964 Love in Four Dimensions as Franco Lampredi, il marito (segment "Amore e arte")
1999 Il pesce innamorato as Driver
1990 La Femme Nikita as Chief Grossman
2009 Ultimate Heist as Halami (as Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu)
1963 The Shortest Day as Soldato
1996 In Love and War as Count Sergio Caracciolo

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