Valeria Golino

Valeria Golino

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 22-10-1965
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Naples, Campania, Italy
  • Also Known As:

    발레리아 골리노
    Valéria Golino

  • Popularity: 8.73
  • Homepage: N/A

Valeria Golino is an Italian actress and director. She is best known to English-language audiences for her roles in Rain Man, Big Top Pee-wee, and the two Hot Shots! movies. In addition to the awards David di Donatello, Silver Ribbon, Golden Ciak, and Italian Golden Globe, she is also one of the three actresses who has won the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival twice.

Year Movie Character
2006 Mario's War as Giulia
2002 Respiro as Grazia
1987 Last Summer in Tangiers as Claudia Marchetti
1997 Le acrobate as Maria
2006 Our Country as Rita
2011 A Butterfly Kiss as Billie
2007 Black Sun as Agata
2003 Take Me Away as Luciana
1998 Side Streets as Sylvie Otti
1998 Shooting the Moon
2013 Like the Wind as Armida Miserere
2011 Kryptonite! as Rosaria
2018 The Invisible Boy: Second Generation as Giovanna
2017 Emma as Emma
2018 Daughter of Mine as Tina
1991 Year of the Gun as Lia
2007 The Girl by the Lake as Chiara Canali
2009 Giulia Doesn't Date at Night as Giulia
2004 Alive as Elisa
1992 Puerto Escondido as Anita
1994 Clean Slate as Sarah Novak / Beth Holly
1990 The King's Whore as Jeanne de Luynes
2008 The Germans' Factory as Anna
2009 L'uomo nero as Franca Rossetti
1996 An Occasional Hell as Elizabeth Laughton
1986 Storia d'amore
2014 The Invisible Boy as Giovanna
2010 La scuola è finita as Daria Quarenghi
2015 For Your Love as Anna Ruotolo
2002 L'inverno as Anna
2019 5 Is the Perfect Number as Rita
2021 Fortuna – The Girl and the Giants as Rita / Gina
2021 Occhi blu
1988 Rain Man as Susanna
2008 Quiet Chaos as Marta
1991 The Indian Runner as Maria
1993 Hot Shots! Part Deux as Ramada Rodham Hayman
1991 Hot Shots! as Ramada Thompson / Scarlett O'Hara / Lois Lane
2008 Ca$h as Julia
1989 Torrents of Spring as Gemma Rosselli
2005 Texas as Maria
2005 Olé ! as Carmen Holgado
1994 Like Two Crocodiles
2000 Spanish Judges as Jamie
1988 Love and Fear as Sandra
1990 Traces of an Amorous Life as Lucia Fontana
2013 Nuts as Giovanna
1985 Little Flames as Mara
2015 An Italian Name as Betta Pontecorvo
2001 Word of Honour as Afroditi
1995 Submission
2016 La vita possibile as Carla
2017 Stand-in
2019 Casanova, Last Love as La Cornelys
2018 The Summer House as Elena
2019 Volare as Elisa
2019 Adults in the Room as Danae Stratou
2020 You Came Back as Perla
1995 Four Rooms as Athena
1988 Big Top Pee-wee as Gina Piccolapupula
1999 Last Harem as Anita
2007 Lascia perdere, Johnny! as Annamaria
2010 Dark Love as Psicologa
1996 Escoriandoli as Ida
1996 Slaughter of the Cock as Wife
2014 Human Capital as Roberta
1985 My Dearest Son as Francesca
2015 The Very Private Life of Mister Sim as Luigia
1987 The Gold Rimmed Glasses as Nora Treves
2019 Portrait of a Lady on Fire as La Comtesse
2000 Controvento as Nina
1970 The Beautiful Game
2007 Actresses as Nathalia Petrovna
2004 36th Precinct as Camille Vrinks
2002 Julius Caesar as Calpurnia
2007 My Place in the Sun as Sandra
2010 Ritratto di mio padre as sé stessa
2020 Un confine incerto as Paola Cristiani
2009 The French Kissers as La fille de la vidéo
1983 A Joke of Destiny, Lying in Wait Around the Corner Like a Bandit as Adalgisa De Andreiis
2000 ivansxtc. as Constanza Vero
2000 Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her as Lilly (segment "Goodnight Lilly, Goodnight Christine")
1993 Hearts of Hot Shots! Part Deux—A Filmmaker's Apology
1995 Leaving Las Vegas as Terri
1994 Immortal Beloved as Giulietta Guicciardi
2021 The Land of the Sons as La strega
1986 Detective School Dropouts as Katerina
1996 Escape from L.A. as Taslima
2002 Frida as Lupe Marín
1984 Blind Date as Girl in Bikini
2014 Jacky in the Kingdom of Women as Bradi Vune
2021 The Catholic School as Ilaria Arbus
2013 Honey
2010 Armandino e il Madre
2018 Euphoria
2012 Double
2017 Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait
2013 Honey
2010 Armandino e il Madre
2018 Euphoria
Photo Name Department
2003 Julius Caesar (2 episode) as Calpúrnia
2013 In Treatment (2 episode) as Eleonora
1998 Vivement dimanche (1 episode) as Self
1992 HBO First Look (1 episode) as Self / Giulietta Guicciardi
2019 The Morning Show (1 episode) as Paola Lambruschini

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