Gabriele Tinti

Gabriele Tinti

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 22-08-1932
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Molinella, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  • Also Known As:

    Gus Stone
    Gabriel Tinti

  • Popularity: 3.23
  • Homepage: N/A

Strikingly handsome blue-eyed leading man from Italian films dating back the the 1950's, Tinti is best known to mainstream audiences for his small role in 1965's FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. Into the 1970's, Tinti slowly appeared in lower and lower budget cinema, often working for Aristide Massacessi (Joe D'Amato) on dozens of exploitation and sex films, often alongside his wife Laura Gemser. Tinti died from lung cancer in the early 90's.

Year Movie Character
1967 Return of Django as Jeff Tracy
1979 Don't Trust the Mafia as Tony Lo Bianco
1985 The Pleasure as Gerard Villeneuve
1975 La sensualità è un attimo di vita as Antonio
1974 Nobody's Children as Guido Canali
1966 The Man From Mykonos as Silvio Donati
1959 Destinazione Sanremo as Tonino
1959 August, my women, I don't know you as Nardo
1965 Playa de Formentor as Miguel
1988 Reflections of Light as Federico Brandi
1980 Emmanuelle: Queen of Sados as Tommy Snow
1977 Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals as Professor Mark Lester
1982 Violence in a Women's Prison as Dr. Moran
1988 The Murder Secret as Richard Hamilton
1983 Women's Prison Massacre as Crazy Boy Henderson
1983 Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst as Steve Barclay/Barkley (archive footage)
1982 Emanuelle in the Country as Gastone
1975 Sex, Demons and Death as Marcello Martinozzi
1973 The Countess Died of Laughter as Vincent van der Straten
1976 Emanuelle in Bangkok as Roberto
1976 La ragazza dalla pelle di corallo as Fabrizio
1957 Non sono più guaglione as Vincenzino
1977 Emanuelle in America as Alfredo Elvize, Duke of Mount Elba
1970 The Sensuous Assassin as Claude
1978 Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade as Francis Harley
1976 Black Cobra as Jules Carmichael
1972 Tropic of Cancer as Fred Wright
1977 Sister Emanuelle as Rene
1970 Death Occurred Last Night as Mascaranti
1967 The Wild Eye as Valentino
1965 Seven Golden Men as Aldo (l'italien)
1966 Seven Golden Men Strike Again as Aldo (l'italien)
1970 The Lion Has Seven Heads as American Agent
1964 Men and Women as Nelson
1978 Woman from the Torrid Land as Don Giuliano
1969 Ecce Homo - I Sopravvissuti as Len
1970 Rider on the Rain as Tony Mau
1981 Divine Emanuelle as Gabriel
1980 International Prostitution: Brigade criminelle as Tony Marcone
1955 Scapricciatiello as The Baron Renato De Rosa / Scapricciatiello
1984 Lola's Secret as Angus
1971 Manhunt for Murder as Flaggert
1986 The Monster of Florence as Enrico
1989 Act of Revenge as Pharmacist Alfieri
1976 Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle as Carlo
1983 Endgame as Bull
1957 Malafemmena as Eduardo
1966 Brigade Anti Gangs as Jobic Le Goff
1962 La banda Casaroli as Agente Spinelli
1962 Alone Against Rome as Goruk
1959 Vite perdute as Carlo, Anna's brother
1975 Black Emanuelle as Richard Clifton
1956 Totò Double or Nothing? as Bruno Palmieri
1956 The Band of Honest Men as Michele
1977 L'avvocato della mala as Tony
1983 Mystère as Mink
1957 The Tanks of El Alamein as Sergio Marchi
1986 Senza vergogna as Massimo
1971 Web of Deception
1985 The Secret of Seagull Island as Enzo Lombardi
1987 Birds of Prey as Rod
1955 Il coraggio as Raffaele Vaccarellio
1981 Nobody's Perfect as Ninni
1974 Enter the Devil as Luisa's Lover
1962 The Seventh Sword as Corvo
1986 Convent of Sinners as Monsignore
1973 Le Complot as Moret
1975 The House of Exorcism as George (archive footage)
1978 Fancy a Woman as Bruno
1968 The Legend of Lylah Clare as Paolo
1969 Check to the Queen as Franco
1956 Time of Vacation as Luciano Marini
1973 The Mysterious Island as Ayrton
1973 24 ore... non un minuto di più as Gabriel
1962 The Condemned of Altona as Actor
1961 Journey Beneath the Desert as Max
1970 Cannon for Cordoba as Antonio
1975 Children of Rage as Dr. Russanak
1971 Sappho as Aldo
1960 Letto a tre piazze as Nino, il fidanzato di Prassede
1960 Esther and the King as Samual
1974 Seduzione coniugale as The husband
1964 Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez as Henchman of Mr. Harpers
1973 Lisa and the Devil as George
1985 Cut and Run as Manuel
1991 The Children Thief as L'argentin 1
1960 Caccia al marito as Ingegnere Gabriele Bini
1991 The Crawlers as Dr. Pritzi (uncredited)
1986 Giuro che ti amo as Salvatore
1983 Love is Forever as Georges
1969 The Tough and the Mighty as Nanni Ripari
1982 Caligula: The Untold Story as Marcellus
1979 ...And Give Us Our Daily Sex as Professor
1963 Torpedo Bay
1968 The Libertine as Uomo nella macchina
1954 Chronicle of Poor Lovers as Mario Parigi
1962 Sodom and Gomorrah
1976 Blackmail Chase as Der Boss
1962 Ulysses Against the Son of Hercules as Mercuro
1967 The Oldest Profession as der Händler
1976 Big Pot as Sandro Vincenzoni
1965 The Flight of the Phoenix as Gabriel
1990 Want to Stay Alive as Hampton
1966 Trap for the Assassin as Raymond de Noirville
1971 Delusions of Grandeur as Don Cesar
1964 Le tardone as Giorgio (episode "Canto flamenco")
1975 Sex Diary as Luca's Friend
1987 Skipper
1953 Easy Years
1999 Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut - The Erotic Experience as (archive footage)
1960 David and Goliath
1952 Menzogna as Il giovane corteggiatore di Luisa (uncredited)
1960 Il principe fusto
1955 The Little Rebels as Marcel, le surveillant
1963 The Shortest Day as Bersagliere (uncredited)
1980 Porno Esotic Love as Steve
1982 Emanuelle: Queen Of The Desert as Boni
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