Guido Alberti

Guido Alberti

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 20-04-1909
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Benevento, Campania, Italy
  • Also Known As:

    Гвидо Альберти

  • Popularity: 3.40
  • Homepage: N/A

Guido Alberti was an independently wealthy industrialist, whose father had built a nougat and wine business of which Guido became chairman of the board in the 1950's. He grew interested in acting and, after his official debut in Fellini's 8 1/2, grew more and more in demand through the cycles of the Italian film business. He even found himself cast in a few American productions such as BOBBY DEERFIELD and SAVING GRACE. He married a famous astrologer Lucia Alberti who died the year before him in 1995.

Year Movie Character
1963 Hands over the City as Maglione
1980 Contraband as Don Morrone
1972 What? as Priest
1966 Shoot Loud, Louder... I Don't Understand as Pasquale Cimmaruta
1973 La ragazza fuoristrada as Monsignor Vittorio Baudana
1964 The Circular Triangle as Rudolf Kubler
1975 La sensualità è un attimo di vita
1971 Ten Days Wonder as Ludovic Van Horn
1970 Lady Caliph as Il monsignore
1963 The Executioner as Prison Warden
1975 Syndicate Sadists as Billiard Salon Owner
1972 Ipotesi sulla scomparsa di un fisico atomico
1981 The Mafia Triangle as Chief of Police
1964 The Escape as Il padre di Piera
1975 Hallucination Strip as Police Captain
1965 Casanova '70 as Monsignore
1971 The Fifth Cord as Traversi
1973 Big Guns as Don Mariano
1968 The Vatican Affair as Il cardinale Masoli
1969 Youth March as Avv. Milazzo
1965 Il morbidone as Zio Marco
1968 A Fine Pair as Uncle Camillo Marini
1965 Su e giù as Il commendatore Persici
1991 The Family Jewels as Tarlazzi
1973 Two Men in Town as Boss of the printing house
1968 OSS 117: Double Agent as Faruk Melik
1985 L'herbe rouge as Mayor
1970 Queens Of Evil as Priest
1974 Silence the Witness as Il questore
1973 The Bloody Hands of the Law as Prof. Palmieri
1963 as Pace, the Producer
1976 Violent Naples as Il questore
1965 The Camp Followers as Gambardelli
1974 Spasmo as Malcolm
1986 Saving Grace as Cardinal Augusto Morante
1967 A Choice of Killers as Domenico
1977 The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist as Uncle
1965 Marco the Magnificent as Pope Gregory X
1991 The Yes Man as Carlo Sperati
1983 The Moon in the Gutter as Le gardien de la cathédrale
1971 The Decameron as Musciatto, Wealthy Merchant
1984 A Strange Passion as Valerio - l'ami de Piacchi
1982 La guérilléra as Joao Bernardo
1977 Bobby Deerfield as Priest in the Garden
1976 The Black Corsair as il governatore de Ribeira
1973 Without Warning as (uncredited)
1991 Donne con le gonne as Giudice
1964 A Taste for Women as Mr. Khouroulis
1974 Almost Human as Mr. Porrino
1964 Angelique as Le grand Mathieu
Photo Name Department
1989 Valentina (1 episode) as Tristan Brancusi
1981 The Devil's Game (1 episode) as Godinot

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