Philip Granger

Philip Granger

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 02-03-1964
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
  • Also Known As:

    Phillip Granger
    Phil Granger

  • Popularity: 5.74
  • Homepage: N/A

Philip Granger: is the distinguished recipient of a Gemini Award and two Hollywood Drama-Logue Awards. He has garnered 5 Leo Nominations, A Kevin Spacy Artist of Choice winner, Two Union of B.C. Performer Nominations, Los Angeles Web Fest Best Actor Award Winner and The Union of B.C. Performers Best Emerging Performer Award Winner. You would be hard placed not to find an actor, writer, director or producer in Vancouver that hasn’t worked with Phil Granger on one project or another. With a resume that boast over a hundred acting credits, thirty producing and fifteen directing credits, Phil is one of the most established actors in Canada’s film community. He holds an impressive resume that includes titles like AMC’s thriller, The Killing, Once Upon A Time, Lucifer, Arrow, Rogue, Paramount Pictures Monster Truck, Eli Craig’s Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Caprica, V, Comforting Skin, Southern Justice, Walter Hill’s Broken Trail starring Robert Duvall, Steven Spielberg’s Taken, and the critically acclaimed film, The Paper Moon Affair, for which Phil was nominated for a Leo Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film. Philip will be seen in a starring role in the much-anticipated film “Juggernaut” slated for release 2017. On stage, Phil has starred in or produced over fifty plays, including the original production, The Final, which he had developed along with Bruce Mckintosh in their own private theater company, The Naked Stage, in Los Angeles. Phil would later receive the Hollywood Drama-Logue Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre Direction. Phil had begun his acting training almost forty years ago, training under the legendary Stella Adler at Yale University. For the next ten years, Phil would go on to continue his schooling with such pillars of the art like Robert Lewis, George Shadanoff, and Peggy Fury. Phil Granger has been recognized by the Governor General of Canada, Ramon John Hnatyshyn.

Year Movie Character
2019 A.M.I. as Greg
2005 Marker as Joe
2014 Toxin as Colonel Donald Magnusson
2002 Sasquatch as Winston Burg
2010 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil as Sheriff
2004 Deadly Visions as Lt. Austin Burke
2006 Long Lost Son as Ronnie
2005 Secret Lives as Sheriff Knowles
2011 Comforting Skin as Allan
2014 Lonesome Dove Church as Pastor Simmons
2005 Paper Moon Affair as Bill Turner
2018 Woodland as Sparky
2020 Shall We Play? as Bob
2022 Cosmic Dawn as Dieter
1996 The Cold Heart of a Killer as Robb Pierce
2007 Unthinkable as Glen Dasher
2011 Forced To Fight as Lt Fortinski
1983 Riding Fast as Matt
2014 Pour Retourner as Gangster
1999 Genius as Coach Addison
2006 Past Sins as DA Will Crawford
2015 The Starlight Heist as Doctor Rohmman
1996 Listen as Max
1999 Ultimate Deception as Frank McThomas
2016 Murder Unresolved as Wayne Hamilton
2002 The Barber as Levi
2018 The Great Buddha: Arrival
2022 Bullet Proof as Vic
2005 Premonition as Agent Brown
2003 Lightning: Bolts of Destruction
2002 No Night Is Too Long as Fergus McKenzie
2000 MVP: Most Valuable Primate as Mark Westover
2004 Shelf Life as Wino
2004 The Keeper as Lt. Stone
1991 To the Moon, Alice as Mike
2006 Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone
1988 Martini Ranch: Reach as Coffin Maker #1
1994 Double Cross as Mike / Cop
1995 Freefall: Flight 174 as Phil Lyons
1993 The Amy Fisher Story as Williams
2006 Meltdown: Days of Destruction as Frank
1996 White Tiger as Captain McGuire
2000 Convergence as Jack Potts
2005 The Deal as Jerome Halliday
2005 The Colt as Leander Calloway
2008 Nightmare at the End of the Hall as Larry
2008 Kill Switch as Captain Jensen
2015 The Driftless Area as Herbicide Store Owner
2000 The Thin Blue Lie as John Reilly
2005 Fatal Reunion as Detective Weber
1995 The Final Cut as Barron
1995 Broken Trust as Agent Sanchez
2016 Monster Trucks as Used Car Lot Owner
1988 Bad Dreams as Unity Member #4
1992 Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster as 3rd Mate Greg Cousins - Tanker 'Exxon Valdez'
2015 Bad Building
2015 The Starlight Heist
2015 Bad Building
Photo Name Department
2005 Supernatural (2 episode) as Manager
2002 Taken (1 episode)
1990 Neon Rider (63 episode)
2016 Lucifer (1 episode) as Louie Delgado
2011 Once Upon a Time (1 episode) as Landlord
2017 Ghost Wars (13 episode) as Winston
1996 Poltergeist: The Legacy (1 episode) as Charles Banyon
2010 Caprica (3 episode) as Tanner
2019 Batwoman (1 episode) as Coach Donahue
2020 Upload (2 episode) as Uncle Larry
2012 Arrow (1 episode) as Fred
2009 V (1 episode) as Henry Thompson
2021 Maid (1 episode) as Howie Poascencia

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