Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 30-10-1957
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Also Known As:

    Kevin Elliot Pollak

  • Popularity: 3.90
  • Homepage:

Kevin Pollak is an American actor, impressionist, game show host, and comedian. He started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 10 and touring professionally at the age of 20. In 1988, Pollak landed a role in George Lucas' Willow, directed by Ron Howard, and began his acting career.

Year Movie Character
2000 Deterrence as Walter Emerson
2010 Kevin Pollak: The Littlest Suspect as Himself
2005 Niagara Motel as Michael
2004 Seven Times Lucky as Harlan
2004 Our Time Is Up as Dr. Stern
1996 House Arrest as Ned Beindorf
1996 Chameleon as Matt Gianni
1998 Outside Ozona as Wit Roy
2002 Juwanna Mann as Lorne Daniels
2008 Picture This as Tom Gilbert
2002 Stolen Summer as Rabbi Jacobsen
1992 The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them as Eli
2013 Grace Unplugged as Frank "Mossy" Mostin
2016 Max Rose as Christopher Rose
2007 The Staircase Murders as David Rudolf
1990 Partners in Life as Eddie Hayes
2019 Goalie as Jack Adams
2019 Teacher as Bernard Cooper
2019 Apparition as Warden White
2020 Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time - Vol. 2: Horror and Sci-Fi as Host
2020 Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time - Vol. 3: Comedy and Camp as Self
1995 Canadian Bacon as Stuart Smiley, National Security Advisor
1991 Ricochet as Det. Larry Doyle
1999 End of Days as Bobby Chicago
2007 Numb as Tom
2009 2:13 as Dr. Simmons
2000 Steal This Movie as Gerry Lefcourt
1994 Clean Slate as Rosenheim
2011 Choose as Sheriff Tom Wagner
1987 Million Dollar Mystery as Officer Quinn
1998 Hoods as Rudy
2013 A Country Christmas as Max Schmucker
1970 Hypnotized
2015 Borealis as Tubby
1995 The Usual Suspects as Todd Hockney
2005 Hostage as Walter Smith
2004 The Whole Ten Yards as Lazlo
2001 3000 Miles to Graceland as Damitry
2008 Otis as Elmo Broth
1995 Miami Rhapsody as Jordan Marcus
2012 Columbus Circle as Klandermann
1998 Ruby Bridges as Dr. Robert Coles
1997 The Don's Analyst as Dr. Julian Riceputo
2013 3 Geezers! as Kevin
2008 Tortured as Doctor Shaw
2015 I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!! as Himself
2016 50 Years of Star Trek as himself
2016 War Dogs as Ralph Slutzky
2006 Capitol Law as Frank Moxter
1992 A Few Good Men as Lt. Sam Weinberg
1993 Grumpy Old Men as Jacob Goldman
2011 The Big Year as Jim Gittelson
2009 Middle Men as Curt Allmans
2014 The One I Wrote for You as Mickey
2016 Compadres as Banker
2016 The Comedy Club as Himself
2002 Pursuing the Suspects as Himself
2017 The Tiger Hunter as Mr. Womack
2017 Armstrong as Radio Host (voice)
2017 Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much as Himself
1995 Casino as Phillip Green
2000 The Whole Nine Yards as Janni Pytor Gogolak
1993 Indian Summer as Brad Berman
1997 Truth or Consequences, N.M. as Gordon
1995 Grumpier Old Men as Jacob Goldman
1999 Deal of a Lifetime as Jerry
2020 Three Christs as Dr. Orbus
2002 Frank McKlusky, C.I. as Ronnie Rosengold
2002 Mother Ghost as Dr. Norris
1991 Another You as Phil
1999 The Sex Monster as Dr. Jerry Berman
2018 Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis as Himself
2002 Keyser Soze, Lie or Legend - Featurette as Self
1988 Willow: The Making of an Adventure as Rool
1991 L.A. Story as Frank Swan
2012 The Magic of Belle Isle as Joe Viola
2016 Special Correspondents as Geoffrey Mallard
2016 Camino as Donald
1998 Buffalo '66 as TV Sportscaster
2010 Cop Out as Hunsaker
2006 Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner as Himself
2001 The Wedding Planner as Dr. John Dojny
1990 Avalon as Izzy Kirke
1999 She's All That as Wayne Boggs
2002 The Santa Clause 2 as Cupid
2001 Dr. Dolittle 2 as Riley / Alligator
2018 Lez Bomb as George Anderson
2020 Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time - Vol. 1: Midnight Madness as Self
2011 Red State as ASAC Brooks
1988 Willow as Rool
2019 Benjamin
2006 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause as Cupid
2015 Misery Loves Comedy as Himself
2002 Round Up: Deposing 'The Usual Suspects' as Self
2018 The Front Runner as Bob Martindale
1996 That Thing You Do! as Victor 'Boss Vic Koss' Kosslovich
1996 Cannes Man as Himself
1993 Wayne's World 2 as Jerry Segel
2017 Axis as Cru (voice)
2003 Blizzard as Archimedes
2003 Rolling Kansas as Agent Brinkley (uncredited)
1985 Ewoks: The Battle for Endor as Voice Characterization (voice)
2005 The Aristocrats as Himself
2015 Misery Loves Comedy
2016 The Late Bloomer
2015 Borealis
2010 Kevin Pollak: The Littlest Suspect
2012 Columbus Circle
2015 Misery Loves Comedy
2012 Columbus Circle

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