Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 14-05-1959
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Tlemcen, Oran, France [now Algeria]
  • Also Known As:

    Patrick Bruel-Benguigui
    Maurice Benguigui

  • Popularity: 0.84
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Patrick Maurice Benguigui (born 14 May 1959), better known by his stage name Patrick Bruel, is a French singer-songwriter, actor and professional poker player. Patrick is the son of Pierre Benguigui and Augusta Kammoun, daughter of Elie and Céline ben Sidoun. In his youth, Bruel aspired to be a football player, but decided instead to pursue singing after seeing Michel Sardou in 1975. His first success came as an actor, in 1979's Le Coup de sirocco. He continued acting in films, on television, and in the theater while pursuing his singing career. His first single, "Vide" ("Empty"), released in 1982, was not a success, but the follow-up, "Marre de cette nana-là" ("Fed up with that chick"), was a hit. In 2003, just before his partner, the writer and playwright Amanda Sthers, gave birth to his first child, Oscar, on 19 August, he changed his name to Bruel-Benguigui, combining his stage name with his birth name. On 21 September 2004, he wed the then 26-year-old Sthers; it was his first marriage. His second child, Léon, was born on 28 September 2005. The couple separated in 2007. As of 2004, Bruel has acted in more than forty television and film productions, and has made five studio albums and several live albums. In 2002, Bruel released Entre Deux, a double CD of classic chanson that features duets with Charles Aznavour, Jean-Louis Aubert, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Alain Souchon and Renaud, among others. It sold two million copies and made Bruel France's best paid singer of the year. At the beginning of 2005, in response to the South Asian tsunami of 26 December 2004, Bruel wrote the song "Et puis la terre" with Marie-Florence Gros, with whom he had begun a long-term collaboration in 1998, to benefit the Red Cross. His latest album, "Des souvenirs devant", was his fourth chart-topper in France. Bruel is a world-class professional poker player. He won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 1998 for the $5,000 Limit Hold'em event. As of 2009. he has earned more than $900,000 in tournament play, of which his ten cash winnings at the WSOP account for $411,659. He also comments on the World Poker Tour in France. In April 2020 he announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Bruel has been a member of the Les Enfoirés charity ensemble since 1993. Source: Article "Patrick Bruel" from Wikipedia in english, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Year Movie Character
2007 A Secret as Maxime Nathan Grinberg / Grimbert
1982 Les diplômés du dernier rang as Philippe
1988 The Murdered House as Séraphin Monge
1985 P.R.O.F.S as Frédéric
2001 The Milk of Human Kindness as Laurent
1993 Low Profile as Julien Segal
2012 What's in a Name as Vincent
1989 Uncontrollable Circumstances as Philippe
1992 Sweetheart as Cristophe Vade
1997 K as Sam Bellamy
1989 Brothers in Arms as Simon Atlan
1996 Jaguar as François Perrin
2004 Une Vie à t'attendre as Alex
2012 Paris-Manhattan as Victor
2002 Patrick Bruel - Entre deux, à l'Olympia
2007 Bruel Live Des souvenirs ... Ensemble
2010 Le Prénom : la pièce de théâtre as Vincent
2014 Les copains d'abord font du ski
2007 Poker Coach and Patrick Bruel
2014 BRUEL 2014 Live as Patrick Bruel
2019 Ce soir, on sort
2019 Patrick Bruel, le concert événement
1990 Si ce soir... 1990
1970 Patrick Bruel - Le Concert Symphonique
2019 Patrick Bruel: Itinéraire d'un surdoué as Self
2001 Pretty Things as Jacques
2006 Comedy of Power as Jacques Sibaud
1987 Bandits as Mozart
1998 Foul Play
2014 The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles as Philippe Dupin
2014 Sex, Love & Therapy as Lambert
2015 Love at First Child as Ange
1998 Johnny Hallyday - Allume le Feu (Stade de France 1998) as Patrick Bruel
2017 A Family as Vincenzo
2019 The Best Is Yet to Come as César Montesiho
2015 M Pokora - Le concert événement au Châtelet
2021 Villa Caprice as Gilles Fontaine
1980 La mort en sautoir as Chanteur d'un groupe de banlieue
2021 Johnny Hallyday : Que je t'aime as Self
2009 Change of Plans as Alain
2006 Ô Jerusalem as David Levin
1986 Bitter Champagne as Wanis
2017 A Bag of Marbles as Roman
1993 Les Enfoirés 1993 - Les Enfoirés chantent Starmania
2000 Les Enfoirés 2000 - Enfoirés en 2000
2014 Johnny Hallyday la Soirée Evénement
2010 Comme les 5 doigts de la main as Dan Hayoun
2011 Les Enfoirés 2011 - Dans l'oeil des Enfoirés
1979 The Kick of Sirocco as Paulo Narboni
1984 La Tête dans le sac as Dany
1994 Michel Sardou - Show Sardou
2015 Les Enfoirés 2015 - Sur la route des Enfoirés
2017 Les Enfoirés 2017 - Mission Enfoirés
2019 Les Enfoirés jouent le jeu
1997 Les Enfoirés 1997 - Le Zénith des Enfoirés
2016 Les Enfoirés 2016 - Au rendez-vous des Enfoirés
2004 Wolf as Nelson
1995 Les Enfoirés 1995 - Les Enfoirés à l'Opéra-Comique
1996 Les Enfoirés 1996 - La Soirée des Enfoirés
1986 Follow My Gaze
2010 Les Enfoirés 2010 - Les Enfoirés... la Crise de Nerfs
2019 Holy Lands
2020 Les Enfoirés 2020 - Le Pari(s) des Enfoirés
2002 Les Enfoirés 2002 - Tous dans le même bateau
1994 Les Enfoirés 1994 - Les Enfoirés au Grand Rex
2001 Les Enfoirés 2001 - L'odyssée des Enfoirés
2014 Les Enfoirés 2014 - Bon anniversaire Les Enfoirés
2018 Les Enfoirés 2018 - Musique !
2003 Johnny Hallyday - Parc des Princes 2003 as Chanteur
2013 Les Enfoirés 2013 - La Boîte à Musique des Enfoirés
2021 Les Enfoirés 2021 - Les Enfoirés à côté de vous
2011 D'un film à l'autre as Self (archive footage)
1998 The Misadventures of Margaret as Martin
2019 Les Enfoirés 2019 - Le monde des Enfoirés
1999 Les Enfoirés 1999 - Dernière édition avant l'an 2000
2005 Les Enfoirés - 15 ans d'Enfoirés
1983 Le Grand Carnaval as Pierre-Marie Labrouche
1982 Ma Femme s'appelle reviens as François
1995 Sabrina as Louis
1998 Les Enfoirés 1998 - Enfoirés en cœur
1984 Marche à l'ombre as Le guitariste du métro
1995 One Hundred and One Nights as Le premier orateur

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