Nicolas Duvauchelle

Nicolas Duvauchelle

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 27-03-1980
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Also Known As:

  • Popularity: 2.88
  • Homepage: N/A

Nicolas Duvauchelle (born March 27, 1980) is a French actor.

Year Movie Character
2006 Hell as Andrea
2004 Poids léger as Antoine
2003 Snowboarder as Gaspard
1999 The Little Thief as Esse
2013 Mariage à Mendoza as Antoine
2015 The Endless River
2003 Eager Bodies as Paul
2006 The Great Meaulnes as Augustin Meaulnes
2005 Une aventure as Julien
2010 The Blonde with Bare Breasts
2012 On Air as Lucas
2012 Just Like Brothers as Elie
2015 Ordinary Victories as Marco
2016 A Decent Man as Eddy
2018 The Red Collar as Morlac
2018 Bonhomme as Piotr
2019 La forêt d'argent as David
2020 Lost Bullet as Areski
2006 April in Love as Pierre
2010 White Material as Manuel Vial
2011 His Mother's Eyes as Mathieu Roussel
2011 Stretch as Thierry
2008 Secrets Of State as Pierre
2011 Polisse as Mathieu
2004 Right Now as Alain
2013 For a Woman as Jean
2002 Les frères Hélias as Raph
2014 Bodybuilder as Fred Morel
2014 Now or Never as Manuel Benetti
2017 Wedding Unplanned as Mathias
2019 Spellbound as Simon
2020 Rabbit Paw
2010 Four Lovers as Vincent
2017 Tout nous sépare as Rodolph
1999 Beau Travail as Legionnaire
2009 The Girl on the Train as Franck
2011 The Well Digger's Daughter as Jacques
2019 Persona non grata as José Montero
2001 Trouble Every Day as Erwan
2000 Hair Under the Roses as Jojo, le frère de Roudoudou
2017 Let the Sunshine In as L'acteur (The actor)
2016 Dalida as Richard Chanfray
2020 A Mermaid in Paris as Gaspard
2009 Wild Grass as Jean-Mi
2007 The Second Wind as Antoine
2017 Orphan as Kiki's Father
2007 Inside as Policier BAC 3
Photo Name Department
2009 Braquo (16 episode) as Théo Wachevski
2015 Malaterra (8 episode) as Pierre Viviani

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