Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

  • Known For: Acting
  • Birthday: 03-08-1940
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Also Known As:

    Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez
    Μάρτιν Σιν

  • Popularity: 3.82
  • Homepage: N/A

Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez  (born August 3, 1940), better known by his stage name Martin Sheen, is a film actor best known for his performances in the films Badlands (1973) and Apocalypse Now (1979), and in the television series The West Wing from 1999 to 2006. In film he has won the Best Actor award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival for his performance as Kit Carruthers in Badlands. His portrayal of Capt. Willard in Apocalypse Now earned a nomination for the BAFTA Award for Best Actor. Sheen has worked with a wide variety of film directors, such as Richard Attenborough, Francis Ford Coppola, Terrence Malick, Mike Nichols, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone. He has had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 1989. In television he has won both a Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild awards for playing the lead role of President Bartlet in The West Wing, and an Emmy for guest acting in the sitcom Murphy Brown. Born and raised in the United States to immigrant parents, a first-generation Irish mother, Mary-Anne Phelan from Borrisokane in County Tipperary and a Galician father, Francisco Estévez from Vigo in Galicia (Spain), he adopted the stage name Martin Sheen to help him gain acting parts. He is the father of actors Emilio Estevez, Ramón Estevez, Carlos Irwin Estevez (Charlie Sheen), and Renée Estevez. His younger brother Joe Estevez is also an actor. Although known as an actor, he has also directed one film, Cadence (1990), appearing alongside sons Charlie and Ramon. He has also narrated, produced and directed in documentary television, earning two Daytime Emmy awards in the 1980s. In addition to film and television, Sheen has also become notable for his activism in liberal politics. Description above from the Wikipedia article Martin Sheen, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors can be found on Wikipedia.

Year Movie Character
1979 Apocalypse Now as Captain Benjamin L. Willard
1991 Touch and Die as Frank Magenta
1973 Badlands as Kit Carruthers
1982 Enigma as Alex Holbeck
1986 Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story as Mitch Snyder
1987 The Believers as Cal Jamison
2006 Who Killed the Electric Car? as Narrator
1996 Mexico as Narrator
2002 IMAX - Straight Up, Helicopters in Action as Narrator (voice)
2007 Confessions Of An Innocent Man as Himself - Narrator
2008 The End of Poverty? as narrator
1985 The Fourth Wise Man as Artaban
1974 The California Kid as Michael McCord
1974 The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd as Charles Arthur 'Pretty Boy' Floyd
1972 No Drums, No Bugles as Ashby Gatrell
1989 Beyond the Stars as Paul Andrews
1974 The Execution of Private Slovik as Eddie Slovik
1998 Holes in Heaven as Narrator (voice)
2010 The Way as Tom
2012 Stella Days as Fr. Daniel Barry
1991 The Maid as Anthony Wayne
2011 Holy Man: The USA vs Douglas White as Narrator
1979 Eagle's Wing as Pike
1990 Cold Front as John Hyde
1997 Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster as Narrator
1985 In the Name of the People as Narrator
1982 In the Custody of Strangers as Frank Caldwell
1989 Nightbreaker as Dr. Alexander Brown - Present
1983 Man, Woman and Child as Robert Beckwith
2008 Vietnam: American Holocaust as Voice
2013 The Whale as Tom Nickerson
1986 A State of Emergency
2014 A Prayer for Rain as Warren Anderson
1984 The Guardian as Charlie Hyatt
1995 Virgin Mary as Father Jozo Zovko
1975 The Last Survivors as Alexander William Holmes
2016 The Vessel as Father Douglas
1995 Dillinger and Capone as John Dillinger
1985 Out of the Darkness as Eddie Zigo
2007 Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil & The Presidency as Narrator
1998 No Code of Conduct as Bill Peterson
1997 Hostile Waters as Aurora Skipper
1997 Spawn as Jason Wynn
2007 Bordertown as George Morgan
2001 O as Coach Duke Goulding
1975 Sweet Hostage as Leonard Hatch
1980 The Final Countdown as Warren Lasky
1990 Cadence as MSgt. Otis V. McKinney
1973 Católicos as Father Kinsella
1994 Roswell as Townsend
1998 A Letter from Death Row as Michael's Father
1999 Storm as General James Roberts
1986 Secrets of the Titanic as Himself (Narrator)
1967 The Incident as Artie Connors
1988 Judgment in Berlin as Herbert J. Stern
1976 The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane as Frank Hallet
1995 Born Wild as Dan Walker
1996 Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story as Peter Maurin
1988 Da as Charlie
1994 When the Bough Breaks as Captain Swaggert
1981 Loophole as Stephen Booker
1972 That Certain Summer as Gary McCain
1985 Consenting Adult as Ken Lynd
1999 Forget Me Never
1995 Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys as Jeff Snyder
1973 Message to My Daughter as John Thatcher
1983 In the King of Prussia as Judge Samuel Salus II
2010 The Kennedy Detail as Narrator
1994 Trigger Fast as Jackson Baines Hardin / Ole Devil
2001 Enemies of War as Narrator
1999 Gunfighter as The Stranger
1988 Walking After Midnight
2011 Sharkwise as Narrator
2001 National Geographic: Inside the Vatican as Narrator
1986 News at Eleven as Frank Kenley
2013 Jerzy Popieluszko: Messenger of the Truth as Narrator (voice)
1994 Guns of Honor as Jackson Baines Hardin (Ole Devil)
2016 Anne of Green Gables as Matthew Cuthbert
1999 The Story of the Twelve Apostles as Narrator (Voice)
2007 Flatland as Arthur Square (voice)
2015 Badge of Honor as Captain Daniel Richards
1991 Guilty Until Proven Innocent as Harold Hohne
2008 They Killed Sister Dorothy as Narrator
1994 National Geographic: Last Voyage of the Lusitania as Narrator
1993 Braving Alaska as Narrator
1982 Centralia Fire as Narrator
2017 Anne of Green Gables: Fire & Dew as Matthew Cuthbert
2018 Come Sunday as Oral Roberts
2004 Jerusalem Syndrome
2002 Bringing Down a Dictator
2016 Back to the Lane
1986 Shattered Spirits
1970 On Great White Wings the Wright Brothers and the Race for Flights as Narrator
2013 Making 'Badlands'
1970 The China Odyssey: Empire of the Sun as narrador
1985 Native Sons: Palestinians In Exile as Narrator
1993 Alive: 20 Years Later as narrator
2019 Bench
1970 Can Art Stop A Bullet: William Kelly's Big Picture as Self
2020 A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote as President Josiah Bartlet
1993 Gettysburg as Gen. Robert E. Lee
1987 Wall Street as Carl Fox
1976 The Cassandra Crossing as Robby Navarro
1999 A Texas Funeral as Grandpa Sparta
1993 Hear No Evil as Lt. Brock
1972 Pursuit as Timothy Drew
1998 Shadrach as Narrator (voice)
2011 The Double as Tom Highland
1996 The War at Home as Bob Collier
1972 Rage as Maj. Holliford
2005 James Dean: Forever Young as Narrator (voice)
1994 Fortunes of War as Francis Labeck
1968 The Subject Was Roses as Timmy Cleary
1999 D.R.E.A.M. Team as J.W. Garrison
2013 Tales from the Warner Bros. Lot as Himself
1966 Ten Blocks on the Camino Real as Kilroy
1995 The Break as Gil Robbins
1978 Taxi!! as Taxi Driver
1999 A Stranger in the Kingdom as Sigurd Moulton
1972 Pickup on 101 as Lester Baumgartner
1993 A Matter of Justice as Jack Brown
1993 Garwood: Prisoner of War as William F.(Ike) Eisenbraun
1973 Such Dust as Dreams Are Made On as Harlan Garrison
1994 Hits! as Kelly
1989 Beverly Hills Brats as Dr. Jeffrey Miller
1993 Braving Alaska as Narrator (voice)
2017 Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars as Matthew Cuthbert
2003 Mercy of the Sea as Frederik
1988 Promises to Keep as Himself
2003 Absence of Malick
2020 Princess of the Row as John Austin
1983 The Dead Zone as Greg Stillson
1998 Free Money as Guard
2007 Talk to Me as E.G. Sonderling
2009 Love Happens as Burke's Father-in-Law
1995 The American President as A.J. MacInerney
2004 Tell Them Who You Are as Himself
2009 Echelon Conspiracy as Raymond Burke
2011 Miller's Tale as Himself
1982 That Championship Season as Tom Daley
1994 Boca as Jesse James Montgomery
1998 Voyage of Terror
1968 Pat Neal Is Back as Himself
1980 The Legend of Earl Durand
2013 Amazonia
2008 The Garden as Himself
1997 The Making of 'Spawn' as Himself
2009 White House Revealed as Narrator
2002 Catch Me If You Can as Roger Strong
1998 Babylon 5: The River of Souls as Soul Hunter
2012 The Amazing Spider-Man as Uncle Ben
1984 Firestarter as Captain Hollister
1987 Siesta as Del
2009 Gloves of Stone as Dr. Frank Irwin
1974 The Missiles of October as Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy
1971 Mongo's Back in Town as Gordon
1973 Letters from Three Lovers as Vincent
1970 The Andersonville Trial as Captain Williams
1972 Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol as Graytak
1994 One of Her Own as Asst. Dist. Atty. Pete Maresca
1996 Project: ALF as Colonel Gilbert Milfoil
2015 Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy as Himself
2012 Rite of Passage: The Amazing Spider-Man Reborn as Himself
1970 12 Mighty Orphans as Doc Hall
2008 Notes on an American Film Director at Work as Self
1997 Truth or Consequences, N.M. as Sir
1993 Grey Knight as Gen. Haworth
1969 Then Came Bronson as Nick Oresko
1987 Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8 as James Marion Hunt
2008 Pirate for the Sea as Himself
2014 Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey as Himself
2006 The Departed as Capt. Oliver Charles Queenan
1973 Crime Club as Deputy Wilson
1982 Gandhi as Vince Walker
1971 Goodbye, Raggedy Ann as Jules Worthman
2014 The Boxcar Children as Grandfather Alden (voice)
1997 Medusa's Child as President
2018 The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island as James Alden (voice)
1999 The Darklings as Ira Everett
2011 Wrinkles as (voice)
2011 9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Up as Himself
2014 Trash as Father Juilliard / Padre Juilliard
1998 The Elevator as Sarge
2013 Salinger as Himself - Actor
2009 Imagine That as Dante D'Enzo
1992 Original Intent as Homeless Joe
2019 The Devil Has a Name as Ralph
2021 Judas and the Black Messiah as J. Edgar Hoover
2014 Ask Me Anything
1999 Ninth Street as Father Frank
1970 Catch-22 as 1st Lt. Dobbs
1994 Marlon Brando: The Wild One as Himself
1991 Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse as Himself
1971 Montserrat
2016 Rules Don't Apply as Noah Dietrich
1983 Choices of the Heart as Father Philan
2012 8 as Theodore B. Olson
2015 Ooops! Noah is Gone... as Lion (voice)
2006 Bobby as Jack Stevens
2017 Citizen Clark... A Life of Principle as Narrator
1987 Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam
2002 Rosy-Fingered Dawn: A Film on Terrence Malick as Himself
1993 Hot Shots! Part Deux as Capt. Benjamin L. Willard (uncredited)
1977 Rolling Stone Magazine: The 10th Anniversary as Himself
1989 Marked for Murder as Man in Park
2014 Marlon Brando: An Actor Named Desire as Himself - Actor (archive footage)
2012 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World as Frank Petersen
2014 Selma as Frank Minis Johnson
1995 Dead Presidents as The Judge
2007 Flatland: The Film as Square
2015 Unity as Himself - Narrator (voice)
2016 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping as Martin Sheen
2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Uncle Ben (uncredited)
1991 JFK as Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
1990 Cadence
2019 The Map to Paradise
1990 Cadence
Photo Name Department
1990 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (113 episode)
1989 The Simpsons (1 episode)
2006 The One Show (1 episode)
1997 The View (1 episode)
1965 The F.B.I. (4 episode)
1968 Hawaii Five-O (2 episode)
1996 Spin City (1 episode)
1992 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2 episode)
1985 The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (2 episode)
1998 LateLine (1 episode)
1967 Mannix (1 episode)
1996 E! True Hollywood Story (2 episode)
1956 The Edge of Night (305 episode) as Roy Sanders
1997 Gun (6 episode) as Van Guinness
2006 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (1 episode)
1980 CBS Schoolbreak Special (29 episode) as Joe Sanders
1961 The Defenders (32 episode) as Dino Locatelli
1961 The Defenders (32 episode) as Joey Americus
1961 The Defenders (32 episode) as Arnold McCabe
1961 The Defenders (32 episode) as Adam Novins
1970 Matt Lincoln (17 episode) as Charles
1967 N.Y.P.D. (49 episode) as Fred Janney
1973 Toma (1 episode)
1970 The Young Lawyers (24 episode) as Reverend Jimmy Haines
1983 Kennedy (7 episode) as John F. Kennedy
1962 The Nurses (98 episode) as Saunders
1962 The Nurses (98 episode) as Carl
1960 Insight (130 episode) as Vincent
1960 Insight (130 episode) as God
1960 Insight (130 episode) as Jamie Conklin
1960 Insight (130 episode) as Akardin
1960 Insight (130 episode) as Bobo
1973 Love Story (US) (12 episode) as Frank Randolph
1966 Hawk (17 episode) as Peter Janus
1994 Inside the Actors Studio (1 episode)
1960 Police Surgeon (12 episode) as Ben Grover
2011 Curiosity (0 episode) as Himself - Narrator
2003 The Ellen DeGeneres Show (4 episode)
1971 Columbo (1 episode) as Karl Lessing
1972 The Rookies (1 episode)
2006 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (1 episode)
1960 Route 66 (1 episode)
1989 Tales from the Crypt (3 episode)
1972 The Streets of San Francisco (1 episode)
2003 Two and a Half Men (1 episode)
1963 Arrest and Trial (1 episode)
1958 Naked City (3 episode)
1968 The Mod Squad (1 episode)
1969 Medical Center (1 episode)
1966 Mission: Impossible (1 episode)
2005 The Colbert Report (1 episode)
1971 Cannon (3 episode)
1999 Total Recall 2070 (1 episode)
1993 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (3 episode)
1967 Ironside (1 episode)
1999 The West Wing (154 episode) as President Josiah Bartlet
1951 Hallmark Hall of Fame (1 episode)
1968 Lancer (1 episode)
1971 Sarge (14 episode) as Dan
1993 Alex Haley's Queen (3 episode) as James Jackson Sr.
1985 Spaceflight (4 episode)
1963 The Outer Limits (1 episode)
1999 Chicken Soup for the Soul (23 episode)
1972 Ghost Story (1 episode)
1965 For the People (13 episode) as Louis Cahane
2012 Anger Management (1 episode) as Martin Goodson
1975 Saturday Night Live (2 episode) as Host
2007 The Graham Norton Show (1 episode) as Self
2003 The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color (4 episode) as Narrator
2015 Grace and Frankie (78 episode) as Robert Hanson
2017 Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence (6 episode) as Narrator (voice)
1979 Blind Ambition (4 episode) as John Dean
1982 Nature (1 episode) as Narrator
1985 The Atlanta Child Murders (2 episode) as Chet Dettlinger
2018 American Dynasties: The Kennedys (6 episode) as Narrator
1996 The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1 episode)
2009 Söndagsparty med Filip & Fredrik (1 episode)
2012 Anger Management (1 episode) as Martin

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