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Season 1

First Air Date: 11-11-2020

Episodes: 6

Photo Name Character
Broden Kelly-Himself Broden Kelly Himself
Mark Bonanno-Himself Mark Bonanno Himself
Zachary Ruane-Himself Zachary Ruane Himself
Photo Name Department
Mark Bonanno-Writing-Writer Mark Bonanno Writing ( Writer )
Broden Kelly-Writing-Writer Broden Kelly Writing ( Writer )
Zachary Ruane-Writing-Writer Zachary Ruane Writing ( Writer )
Sam Lingham-Writing-Writer Sam Lingham Writing ( Writer )
Max Miller-Directing-Director Max Miller Directing ( Director )
Dan Adlerstein-Camera-Director of Photography Dan Adlerstein Camera ( Director of Photography )
Santiago Pedroza-Editing-Editor Santiago Pedroza Editing ( Editor )
Mark Bonanno-Crew-Creator Mark Bonanno Crew ( Creator )
Broden Kelly-Crew-Creator Broden Kelly Crew ( Creator )
Zachary Ruane-Crew-Creator Zachary Ruane Crew ( Creator )
Rick Messina-Production-Casting Director Rick Messina Production ( Casting Director )
Leigh Poindexter-Production-Production Designer Leigh Poindexter Production ( Production Designer )
Christina Phensy-Art-Art Direction Christina Phensy Art ( Art Direction )
Amanda Hallberg-Art-Set Decoration Amanda Hallberg Art ( Set Decoration )
Thomas Armstrong-Sound-Music Thomas Armstrong Sound ( Music )
Scott Aukerman-Production-Executive Producer Scott Aukerman Production ( Executive Producer )
Mark Bonanno-Production-Executive Producer Mark Bonanno Production ( Executive Producer )
Broden Kelly-Production-Executive Producer Broden Kelly Production ( Executive Producer )
Zachary Ruane-Production-Executive Producer Zachary Ruane Production ( Executive Producer )
Ed Helms-Production-Executive Producer Ed Helms Production ( Executive Producer )
Katherine Dale-Production-Executive Producer Katherine Dale Production ( Executive Producer )
Corinne Eckart-Production-Associate Producer Corinne Eckart Production ( Associate Producer )
Mike Falbo-Production-Executive Producer Mike Falbo Production ( Executive Producer )
Brett Harris-Production-Producer Brett Harris Production ( Producer )
Mike Hoover-Production-Associate Producer Mike Hoover Production ( Associate Producer )
David Jargowsky-Production-Executive Producer David Jargowsky Production ( Executive Producer )
Jason Korstad-Production-Producer Jason Korstad Production ( Producer )
Sam Lingham-Production-Executive Producer Sam Lingham Production ( Executive Producer )
Max Miller-Production-Executive Producer Max Miller Production ( Executive Producer )
Marissa Bergman-Art-Property Master Marissa Bergman Art ( Property Master )
Ashley Leung-Art-Assistant Property Master Ashley Leung Art ( Assistant Property Master )
Claire Dobson-Sound-Dialogue Editor Claire Dobson Sound ( Dialogue Editor )
Daisy Bonar-Crew-Compositor Daisy Bonar Crew ( Compositor )
Andy Reynolds-Camera-Digital Imaging Technician Andy Reynolds Camera ( Digital Imaging Technician )
Matthew Taylor-Camera-Assistant Camera Matthew Taylor Camera ( Assistant Camera )
Payam Yazdandoost-Camera-First Assistant Payam Yazdandoost Camera ( First Assistant "A" Camera )
Brittany Guillou-Costume & Make-Up-Costume Supervisor Brittany Guillou Costume & Make-Up ( Costume Supervisor )
Brooke Mulkins-Costume & Make-Up-Costumer Brooke Mulkins Costume & Make-Up ( Costumer )
David B. Lyons-Production-Location Manager David B. Lyons Production ( Location Manager )
April Mendoza-Production-Location Assistant April Mendoza Production ( Location Assistant )
Alexander Brathwaite-Crew-Additional Music Alexander Brathwaite Crew ( Additional Music )
Liz Mitts-Production-Producer's Assistant Liz Mitts Production ( Producer's Assistant )
Corey Perez-Production-Production Supervisor Corey Perez Production ( Production Supervisor )
Allison Wierema-Writing-Writers' Assistant Allison Wierema Writing ( Writers' Assistant )
Kathryn Burns-Crew-Choreographer Kathryn Burns Crew ( Choreographer )

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