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Season 4

Story Line: Although they’ve saved countless lives thanks to The Machine’s omniscience, John Reese and Harold Finch, along with lethal operative Sameen Shaw and unpredictable ...

First Air Date: 24-09-2014

Episodes: 22

Photo Name Character
Jim Caviezel-John Reese Jim Caviezel John Reese
Michael Emerson-Harold Finch Michael Emerson Harold Finch
Kevin Chapman-Lionel Fusco Kevin Chapman Lionel Fusco
Amy Acker-Root Amy Acker Root
Sarah Shahi-Sameen Shaw Sarah Shahi Sameen Shaw
Photo Name Department
Joshua Levey-Production-Producer Joshua Levey Production ( Producer )
Dan Dietz-Writing-Story Editor Dan Dietz Writing ( Story Editor )
Lucas O'Connor-Writing-Story Editor Lucas O'Connor Writing ( Story Editor )
Ashley Gable-Production-Co-Executive Producer Ashley Gable Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Gary Jones-Costume & Make-Up-Costume Design Gary Jones Costume & Make-Up ( Costume Design )
Amanda Segel-Production-Co-Executive Producer Amanda Segel Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
David Slack-Production-Co-Executive Producer David Slack Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Bryan Burk-Production-Executive Producer Bryan Burk Production ( Executive Producer )
J.J. Abrams-Production-Executive Producer J.J. Abrams Production ( Executive Producer )
Kathy Lingg-Production-Co-Executive Producer Kathy Lingg Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
Jonathan Nolan-Production-Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan Production ( Executive Producer )
Greg Plageman-Production-Executive Producer Greg Plageman Production ( Executive Producer )
Athena Wickham-Production-Producer Athena Wickham Production ( Producer )
Ramin Djawadi-Sound-Original Music Composer Ramin Djawadi Sound ( Original Music Composer )

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