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Story Line: After a disturbing incident, a young couple move into a seemingly perfect home built in the 18th century. However, the building's proximity to the site ...

First Air Date: 14-09-2016

Episodes: 10

Photo Name Character
Evan Peters-Rory Manahan / Edward Philippe Mott Evan Peters Rory Manahan / Edward Philippe Mott
Denis O'Hare-Elias Cunningham Denis O'Hare Elias Cunningham
Sarah Paulson-Audrey Tindall / Shelby Miller Sarah Paulson Audrey Tindall / Shelby Miller
Lily Rabe-Shelby Miller Lily Rabe Shelby Miller
Kathy Bates-Agnes Mary Winstead / Thomasyn White Kathy Bates Agnes Mary Winstead / Thomasyn White
Angela Bassett-Monet Tumissee / Lee Harris Angela Bassett Monet Tumissee / Lee Harris
Wes Bentley-Ambrose White Wes Bentley Ambrose White
Cheyenne Jackson-Sidney Aaron James Cheyenne Jackson Sidney Aaron James
Cuba Gooding Jr.-Dominic Banks / Matt Miller Cuba Gooding Jr. Dominic Banks / Matt Miller
André Holland-Matt Miller André Holland Matt Miller
Photo Name Department
Todd Brown-Production-Associate Producer Todd Brown Production ( Associate Producer )
John J. Gray-Production-Supervising Producer John J. Gray Production ( Supervising Producer )
Mac Quayle-Sound-Original Music Composer Mac Quayle Sound ( Original Music Composer )
Alexis Martin Woodall-Production-Executive Producer Alexis Martin Woodall Production ( Executive Producer )
Gary Megregian-Sound-Supervising Sound Editor Gary Megregian Sound ( Supervising Sound Editor )
Eryn Krueger Mekash-Costume & Make-Up-Makeup Department Head Eryn Krueger Mekash Costume & Make-Up ( Makeup Department Head )
Eric Dawson-Production-Casting Eric Dawson Production ( Casting )
Cesar Davila-Irizarry-Sound-Main Title Theme Composer Cesar Davila-Irizarry Sound ( Main Title Theme Composer )
Charlie Clouser-Sound-Main Title Theme Composer Charlie Clouser Sound ( Main Title Theme Composer )
Ryan Murphy-Production-Executive Producer Ryan Murphy Production ( Executive Producer )
Brad Falchuk-Production-Executive Producer Brad Falchuk Production ( Executive Producer )

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