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Season 2

Story Line: The second season of the American television medical drama Grey's Anatomy commenced airing on the American Broadcasting Company on September 25, 2005, and concluded on May 15, 2006. The ...

First Air Date: 25-09-2005

Episodes: 27

Photo Name Character
Ellen Pompeo-Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo Meredith Grey
James Pickens Jr.-Richard Webber James Pickens Jr. Richard Webber
Katherine Heigl-Izzie Stevens Katherine Heigl Izzie Stevens
Chandra Wilson-Miranda Bailey Chandra Wilson Miranda Bailey
Justin Chambers-Alex Karev Justin Chambers Alex Karev
Sandra Oh-Cristina Yang Sandra Oh Cristina Yang
Isaiah Washington-Preston Burke Isaiah Washington Preston Burke
Kate Walsh-Addison Montgomery Kate Walsh Addison Montgomery
T.R. Knight-George O'Malley T.R. Knight George O'Malley
Patrick Dempsey-Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempsey Derek Shepherd
Photo Name Department
Mark R. Jackson-Camera-Camera Operator Mark R. Jackson Camera ( Camera Operator )
Peter Horton-Production-Executive Producer Peter Horton Production ( Executive Producer )
Tony Phelan-Production-Producer Tony Phelan Production ( Producer )
Allan Heinberg-Production-Producer Allan Heinberg Production ( Producer )
Rob Corn-Production-Producer Rob Corn Production ( Producer )
Kip Koenig-Production-Producer Kip Koenig Production ( Producer )
Harry Werksman-Production-Producer Harry Werksman Production ( Producer )
Linda Klein-Production-Producer Linda Klein Production ( Producer )
Gabrielle G. Stanton-Production-Producer Gabrielle G. Stanton Production ( Producer )
Mimi Schmir-Production-Producer Mimi Schmir Production ( Producer )
James D. Parriott-Production-Executive Producer James D. Parriott Production ( Executive Producer )
Krista Vernoff-Production-Executive Producer Krista Vernoff Production ( Executive Producer )
Mark Wilding-Production-Producer Mark Wilding Production ( Producer )
Zoanne Clack-Production-Producer Zoanne Clack Production ( Producer )
Debora Cahn-Production-Producer Debora Cahn Production ( Producer )
Joan Rater-Production-Producer Joan Rater Production ( Producer )
Mark Gordon-Production-Executive Producer Mark Gordon Production ( Executive Producer )
Betsy Beers-Production-Executive Producer Betsy Beers Production ( Executive Producer )
Shonda Rhimes-Production-Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes Production ( Executive Producer )

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