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Season 1

Story Line: During the past century, thousands of people have gone missing. When 4400 of them return all at once unharmed and looking the same as when they ...

First Air Date: 11-07-2004

Episodes: 5

Photo Name Character
Jacqueline McKenzie-Diana Skouris Jacqueline McKenzie Diana Skouris
Joel Gretsch-Tom Baldwin Joel Gretsch Tom Baldwin
Laura Allen-Lily Tyler Laura Allen Lily Tyler
Patrick John Flueger-Shawn Farrell Patrick John Flueger Shawn Farrell
Chad Faust-Kyle Baldwin Chad Faust Kyle Baldwin
Lori Triolo-Linda Baldwin Lori Triolo Linda Baldwin
Mahershala Ali-Richard Tyler Mahershala Ali Richard Tyler
Peter Coyote-Dennis Ryland Peter Coyote Dennis Ryland
Brooke Nevin-Nikki Hudson Brooke Nevin Nikki Hudson
Kaj-Erik Eriksen-Danny Farrell Kaj-Erik Eriksen Danny Farrell
Conchita Campbell-Maia Rutledge Conchita Campbell Maia Rutledge
Photo Name Department
Brent Karl Clackson-Production-Producer Brent Karl Clackson Production ( Producer )
Scott Peters-Production-Co-Executive Producer Scott Peters Production ( Co-Executive Producer )
René Echevarria-Production-Executive Producer René Echevarria Production ( Executive Producer )
Susan De Laval-Costume & Make-Up-Costume Design Susan De Laval Costume & Make-Up ( Costume Design )
Jeff Pentecost-Lighting-Chief Lighting Technician Jeff Pentecost Lighting ( Chief Lighting Technician )
David Allinson-Visual Effects-Special Effects Supervisor David Allinson Visual Effects ( Special Effects Supervisor )
Jim Finn-Visual Effects-Visual Effects Supervisor Jim Finn Visual Effects ( Visual Effects Supervisor )
Steve Smith-Sound-Sound Effects Editor Steve Smith Sound ( Sound Effects Editor )
Anita Meehan-Truelove-Production-Production Coordinator Anita Meehan-Truelove Production ( Production Coordinator )
Barry Kemp-Art-Set Decoration Barry Kemp Art ( Set Decoration )
Tracy Hillman-Production-Associate Producer Tracy Hillman Production ( Associate Producer )
George Chapman-Production-Production Manager George Chapman Production ( Production Manager )
Trig Singer-Camera-Camera Operator Trig Singer Camera ( Camera Operator )
Gord Smith-Production-Production Accountant Gord Smith Production ( Production Accountant )
Ken Cade-Sound-Sound Effects Editor Ken Cade Sound ( Sound Effects Editor )
Stephen Geaghan-Art-Production Design Stephen Geaghan Art ( Production Design )
Clive Edwards-Art-Property Master Clive Edwards Art ( Property Master )
Jim Geddes-Art-Construction Coordinator Jim Geddes Art ( Construction Coordinator )
Philip Hunter-Sound-Dialogue Editor Philip Hunter Sound ( Dialogue Editor )
Maira Suro-Production-Executive Producer Maira Suro Production ( Executive Producer )
Ira Steven Behr-Production-Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr Production ( Executive Producer )
Janet MacDonald-Costume & Make-Up-Hairstylist Janet MacDonald Costume & Make-Up ( Hairstylist )

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