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Season 5

First Air Date: 02-01-2007

Episodes: 154

Photo Name Character
Dicky Barrett- Dicky Barrett
Jimmy Kimmel-Self - Host Jimmy Kimmel Self - Host
Photo Name Department
David Craig-Production-Producer David Craig Production ( Producer )
Joel Hodgson-Writing-Writer Joel Hodgson Writing ( Writer )
Rick Rosner-Writing-Writer Rick Rosner Writing ( Writer )
Jimmy Kimmel-Production-Executive Producer Jimmy Kimmel Production ( Executive Producer )
Jason Schrift-Production-Producer Jason Schrift Production ( Producer )
Doug DeLuca-Production-Producer Doug DeLuca Production ( Producer )
Erin Irwin-Production-Producer Erin Irwin Production ( Producer )
Molly McNearney-Production-Producer Molly McNearney Production ( Producer )
Gary Greenberg-Production-Producer Gary Greenberg Production ( Producer )
Daniel Kellison-Production-Producer Daniel Kellison Production ( Producer )
Jennifer Sharron-Production-Producer Jennifer Sharron Production ( Producer )
Josh Weintraub-Production-Producer Josh Weintraub Production ( Producer )
Ken Crosby-Production-Producer Ken Crosby Production ( Producer )
Jill Leiderman-Production-Executive Producer Jill Leiderman Production ( Executive Producer )
Tony Romero-Production-Producer Tony Romero Production ( Producer )
Molly McNearney-Writing-Writer Molly McNearney Writing ( Writer )
Joelle Boucai-Writing-Writer Joelle Boucai Writing ( Writer )
Tony Barbieri-Writing-Writer Tony Barbieri Writing ( Writer )
Josh Halloway-Writing-Writer Josh Halloway Writing ( Writer )
Danny Ricker-Writing-Writer Danny Ricker Writing ( Writer )
Jonathan Bines-Writing-Writer Jonathan Bines Writing ( Writer )
Jeff Loveness-Writing-Writer Jeff Loveness Writing ( Writer )
Gary Greenberg-Writing-Writer Gary Greenberg Writing ( Writer )
Sal Iacono-Writing-Writer Sal Iacono Writing ( Writer )
Bryan Paulk-Writing-Writer Bryan Paulk Writing ( Writer )
Jimmy Kimmel-Writing-Writer Jimmy Kimmel Writing ( Writer )
Bess Kalb-Writing-Writer Bess Kalb Writing ( Writer )
Eric Immerman-Writing-Writer Eric Immerman Writing ( Writer )

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