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Season 7

First Air Date: 30-09-2005

Episodes: 22

Photo Name Character
Frankie Muniz-Malcolm Wilkerson Frankie Muniz Malcolm Wilkerson
Jane Kaczmarek-Lois Wilkerson Jane Kaczmarek Lois Wilkerson
Bryan Cranston-Hal Wilkerson Bryan Cranston Hal Wilkerson
Justin Berfield-Reese Wilkerson Justin Berfield Reese Wilkerson
Erik Per Sullivan-Dewey Wilkerson Erik Per Sullivan Dewey Wilkerson
Christopher Masterson-Francis Wilkerson Christopher Masterson Francis Wilkerson
James Rodriguez-Jamie Wilkerson James Rodriguez Jamie Wilkerson
Lukas Rodriguez-Jamie Wilkerson Lukas Rodriguez Jamie Wilkerson
Photo Name Department
Linwood Boomer-Production-Producer Linwood Boomer Production ( Producer )
Neil Thompson-Writing-Writer Neil Thompson Writing ( Writer )
Michael Glouberman-Production-Producer Michael Glouberman Production ( Producer )
Ken Kwapis-Production-Producer Ken Kwapis Production ( Producer )
Gary Murphy-Production-Producer Gary Murphy Production ( Producer )
Andrew Orenstein-Production-Producer Andrew Orenstein Production ( Producer )
Alex Reid-Production-Producer Alex Reid Production ( Producer )
James Simons-Production-Producer James Simons Production ( Producer )
Neil Thompson-Production-Producer Neil Thompson Production ( Producer )
Alan J. Higgins-Production-Producer Alan J. Higgins Production ( Producer )
Todd Holland-Production-Producer Todd Holland Production ( Producer )
Jeff Melman-Production-Producer Jeff Melman Production ( Producer )
Bob Stevens-Production-Producer Bob Stevens Production ( Producer )

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