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Season 2

First Air Date: 11-09-2006

Episodes: 173

Photo Name Character
Tyra Banks- Tyra Banks
Photo Name Department
Alex Duda-Production-Executive Producer Alex Duda Production ( Executive Producer )
Antoinette Clarke-Production-Producer Antoinette Clarke Production ( Producer )
Meredith Paige-Production-Producer Meredith Paige Production ( Producer )
Robert Willrich-Production-Producer Robert Willrich Production ( Producer )
Kareen Gunning-Production-Producer Kareen Gunning Production ( Producer )
Tyra Banks-Production-Executive Producer Tyra Banks Production ( Executive Producer )
Rachel Miskowiec-Production-Executive Producer Rachel Miskowiec Production ( Executive Producer )
Lawrence Alitowski-Production-Producer Lawrence Alitowski Production ( Producer )
Becky Cohen Fortune-Production-Producer Becky Cohen Fortune Production ( Producer )
Ray Noia-Production-Producer Ray Noia Production ( Producer )
Anne Grabowski-Radecki-Production-Producer Anne Grabowski-Radecki Production ( Producer )
Erin Elliott-Production-Producer Erin Elliott Production ( Producer )
Patricia Childress-Production-Producer Patricia Childress Production ( Producer )
Benny Medina-Production-Executive Producer Benny Medina Production ( Executive Producer )
Lauren Blincoe-Production-Producer Lauren Blincoe Production ( Producer )
Shana A. Clester-Production-Producer Shana A. Clester Production ( Producer )
Melissa Key-Production-Producer Melissa Key Production ( Producer )
Heather Gray-Production-Producer Heather Gray Production ( Producer )
Ayanna Bascombe-Production-Producer Ayanna Bascombe Production ( Producer )
John Redmann-Production-Executive Producer John Redmann Production ( Executive Producer )
Chris May-Production-Producer Chris May Production ( Producer )
Kristin Craig-Production-Producer Kristin Craig Production ( Producer )
Jacqueline Wickert-Production-Producer Jacqueline Wickert Production ( Producer )
Joanna Parides-Production-Producer Joanna Parides Production ( Producer )
Stuart Alpert-Production-Producer Stuart Alpert Production ( Producer )
Vanessa Nizzo-Gross-Production-Producer Vanessa Nizzo-Gross Production ( Producer )
Brooke Smiler-Production-Producer Brooke Smiler Production ( Producer )
Paul Starke-Production-Producer Paul Starke Production ( Producer )
Dan Sterchele-Production-Producer Dan Sterchele Production ( Producer )
Shane Kirchoff-Production-Producer Shane Kirchoff Production ( Producer )

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