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Season 4

First Air Date: 12-03-2001

Episodes: 200

Photo Name Character
Meredith Vieira-Self - Co-Host Meredith Vieira Self - Co-Host
Joy Behar-Self - Co-Host Joy Behar Self - Co-Host
Barbara Walters-Self - Moderator Barbara Walters Self - Moderator
Lisa Ling-Self - Co-Host Lisa Ling Self - Co-Host
Star Jones-Self - Co-Host Star Jones Self - Co-Host
Photo Name Department
Bill Geddie-Production-Executive Producer Bill Geddie Production ( Executive Producer )
Jason Kornblatt-Production-Producer Jason Kornblatt Production ( Producer )
Barbara Walters-Production-Executive Producer Barbara Walters Production ( Executive Producer )
Jennifer Brookman-Production-Producer Jennifer Brookman Production ( Producer )
Donald Berman-Production-Producer Donald Berman Production ( Producer )
Dana Fisher-Production-Producer Dana Fisher Production ( Producer )
Summur Shaikh-Production-Producer Summur Shaikh Production ( Producer )
Greg Piccioli-Production-Producer Greg Piccioli Production ( Producer )
Christian McKiernan-Writing-Writer Christian McKiernan Writing ( Writer )
Patrick Ignozzi-Production-Producer Patrick Ignozzi Production ( Producer )
Alexandra Cohen-Production-Producer Alexandra Cohen Production ( Producer )
Julie Siegel-Writing-Writer Julie Siegel Writing ( Writer )
Beverly Kopf-Writing-Writer Beverly Kopf Writing ( Writer )
Audrey Jones-Production-Producer Audrey Jones Production ( Producer )
Jonathan Faulhaber-Production-Producer Jonathan Faulhaber Production ( Producer )
Andrew Smith-Writing-Writer Andrew Smith Writing ( Writer )
Susan G. Solomon-Production-Producer Susan G. Solomon Production ( Producer )
Jamie Kotkin-Hammer-Production-Producer Jamie Kotkin-Hammer Production ( Producer )

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